Parties, traffic cones and lie ins: All you miss about living in Cov halls

Trust me, there’s so much we took for granted

When you lived in halls, all you wanted was a student house with your mates. The you realised that a student house means bills, arguments, putting out bins and buying a lot of milk. Halls are cushty af and you've only learned that now. Whether you were in Callice Court, Gosford Gate, Singer Hall, or even Liberty Point (the glorified prison), there are so many things to miss about living there.

Yeah it was madly over priced but so many beautiful memories were made. We can't even be upset over the fact that we spent so much of our time in first year hungover and dying in bed, because our accommodation was in fact, the best.

Everyone lived so close to each other

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Get comfy cause I've got gossip for you

It was so easy to just chill out with your bestie when they were literally the floor below you. Walking around your block in your slippers and hoodie to go hang out in each other's room was just the norm and no one even gave you weird looks. Now you've got to make at least a 20 minute trek if you wanna gossip with a cuppa. It's a tough life.

Those pre night out pics EVERY time

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Guys help which background wall pic do Insta

Not sure if this was just a girls thing, but before pretty much every night out there was the routine girls pic in front of a coloured wall. Nights out were still such a novelty that every outfit had to be immortalised on your camera roll.

Plus, if you're blessed enough to live in Callice, each floor has a different coloured feature wall, and you can bet I took the lift to each floor to work out which colour fit my outfit best.

No one was too precious about wrecking the place

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The calm before the storm

Everyone just kinda accepted that your flat was gonna be a shit tip the morning after, but as long as nothing was broken it was all a-okay. To be fair even if something was broken, it was pretty easy to get it fixed the next day. So go crazy, and dance on those sofas! Deposit, who?

You'd make friends on the daily

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This was popped under our front door, what a night

There was nothing better than being in Kasbah, getting chatting to someone, and bonding over the fact that you lived on the same floor in your accommodation. Instant friend.

What made it better is then you'd be invited to their pres and meet pretty much everyone else they knew. Then you'd have more pres and more nights out and it's just a spiral from there isn't it. Friends galore.

Now you just hang around with the same five people and yeah, you love them most, but it's not exactly a social feast, is it?

The short walk to uni and the library

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Yes mum, I'm studying

With most accommodations being on average a 15 minute walk from uni, it really was something you took for granted. Second year means a shitty 30 minute walk when you can be bothered to do it, which is rare.

Halls were so beautifully close, you bet I could get up at 8:30 and still make it to my 9am on time. Yes I would still be a bit drunk from the night before, but that's not the point is it.

Having a traffic cone or trolley sat in your kitchen

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You were elite if you had a trolley

It happened to the best of us. You'd come home one night to find that your flatmate had walked all the way home with a huge orange cone and it was now sat proudly next to your sofa. Our pride and glory. The flat's child.

It sort of became a mad competition to see who could bring back the strangest objects from a night out. Looking back it's a weird thing to do, but hell, we all loved it didn't we? Nothing sparks joy like a good road sign.

Sense of pride of your accommodation

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The pride of a Callice girl knows no bounds

On a night out you once you establish that you're both freshers at Cov uni, you're met with the inevitable "which halls are you in?".

With a flick of the hair it's time to proudly announce the wonderland that was your halls. We're never gonna agree on which one was the best, but it was obviously ours.

Not having to worry about heating and water bills

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Yes I really am as warm and comfy as I look

After a long day of uni there was nothing nicer than whacking on your heater, getting into bed and putting on the next episode on Netflix.

The beauty of having long showers and walking around in shorts and a t-shirt because your room was actually as warm as Barbados. So relax, take your time and enjoy that long shower and balmy room while you still can, fresher. Second year will hit you before you know it.