Take a look inside the new Coventry University building opened this week

It’s so shiny and clean

The £33 million project to house 3,000 CU Coventry students was opened Monday in Mile Lane, just past the train station.

This will mean the former CU Coventry Building, Armstrong Siddeley, will be transferred to Coventry University to accommodate its rising student population. CU Coventry will be housed adjacent to the Coventry University Technology Park.

You are greeted by receptionists as you enter

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It has a modern and minimalist canteen

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And many state of the art science labs

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Students have personal lockers

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Wtf is this Riverdale or Cov uni

And gender neutral toilets

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CU Coventry is a part of the Coventry University Group and has campuses in Scarborough and London; students can transfer locations as they wish. “CU” provides a flexible approach compared to the traditional University structure and one of its main purposes is to make students employable as soon as possible.

It is also competitively priced which means that instead of charging £9,250 per year it offers more reasonably priced degrees. Compared to Coventry University, CU Coventry also offers different degrees, such as policing, which will be taught in this new building.