There was a huge brawl in the Lanchester library last night

Someone’s hair literally got ripped out

At 5pm yesterday a fight broke out between two female Coventry students on the fourth floor of the Lanchester Library. The full video is on The Coventry Tab Instagram story.

The two were filmed arguing over who should leeave the library. Staff were seen trying to break up the fight, which eventually moved to the stairwell.

Clumps of pulled out hair were pictured on the floor, and the wig snatched from the head of one of the students later appeared in a tree outside the library.

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Library staff tried to break up the fight

The video, taken on the "disruptive" learning floor and posted to Snapchat, shows the two students arguing about who should leave the library. The girl standing says: "You commented, you go. You go". The second girl, sitting down, responds by saying: "You calling me a pussy?"

The students then fight over who is shouting and argue again about who should leave the library. A third student, also standing, says: "You shoulda stepped outside already but you're running your mouth. Let's go."

The next clip at 5.26pm shows a full on fight between multiple girls, but focuses on the two girls who were arguing in the clip before. The girl who was standing in the first clip rips the wig off of the second girl's head. The second girl responds: "Give me my wig". Library staff attempted to break up the fight.

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Clumps of torn out hair were pictures on the floor

The third clip then shows the fight move to the stairwell outside the fourth floor where the two girls are still fighting and library staff are attempting to intervene. The final clip shows torn out pieces of hair on the floor of the stairwell.

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The wig was later hung from a tree

Later in the night, the same wig was pictured in the branches of a tree outside the cathedral.

Head to The Coventry Tab Instagram story for the full video.