Which Spice Girl is your Cov Uni halls?

We can’t all be posh, literally

Almost all of our favourite messy feminist icons are returning to the stage this upcoming year. And in honour of our well deserved reunion, we’ve obviously figured out which Spice Girl is best suited to your Coventry University student accommodation.

Disclaimer: All our ladies are amazing – but your halls? Not entirely. Disclaimer two: This was mainly an excuse for me to rewatch Spice World and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we like to call serious journalism.

Posh Spice

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Cycle Works

Like Vicky B, you are not only boujee af, but you think so highly of yourself you make an effort to distance yourself completely from the rest of the pack. Independent fashion line? Check. David Beckham? Check. Annoyingly far out from campus? Check.


Even the name sounds posh. If Vicky B were a Cov uni student today, we're sure she'd be cooped up in a nice little en-suite, or better yet her very own studio flat. Unfortunately, Coventry isn't nice enough to have a Pret-a-Manger, but we do have the second best thing: Two on-campus Starbucks and an endless supply of Greggs in the city centre.

Sporty Spice

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Gosford Gate and Callice Court

The same reasoning goes for both because they're basically one and the same now. They're a stone's throw from Empire and all things holy on a Wednesday night, Gosford and Callice are undeniably the sporty hubs of Cov uni accommodation. Bonus points if you've ever watched rugby union taping themselves up in wrapping paper for their Christmas social. That's so Sporty Spice.

Singer Hall

Singer Hall, like Callice, Gosford, and Priory is one of the classic sports-student-heavy accommodations. Great housemates, pres, and location, Singer Hall's been "giving you everything" except three-quarter beds in every room.

Scary Spice

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Millennium View

How many times has Millennium View caught fire? At this point, we're not so sure, but the rumoured flooding should help to put it out. We're a bit scared to live here, even if just because of the height of it. Only a truly bad bitch like Scary Spice can brave this place.


The fit and fiery personality of Scary Spice is reflected in Apollo for sure. Known for the best pres on campus and with zero security, Apollo students are free to run wild.

Baby Spice

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You're cute enough to nab a cig or a key off of some unsuspecting boy in the alley outside liberty, and then when all the drugs you've taken go to your head you'll make all your mates look after you like the true baby that you are.

Priory Halls and Quadrant Halls

As if catered halls weren't enough of a sign you're an absolute child. The security guards are like a second pair of parents. If the judgemental looks aren't enough, the 11:30pm curfew is sure to shut down any decent pres.

Bishop Gate

You were all born in 2000, need I say any more.

Ginger Spice

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Raglan House and Paradise Place

You've probably only met one or two students from Raglan and Paradise, they're as rare as redheads around here. Mostly postgraduates and focused undergrads (read: Undergrads with no friends), if you wannabe be a good student and get that first, well, time to move to Paradise Place and spice up your life.