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‘Fake Taxis’ have been spotted driving around Coventry this week

Apparently they’re ‘sponsored by Durex’

A number of cars bearing the logo "Fake Taxi" have been spotted driving about Coventry City Centre over the last week.

According to student reports, the cars were seen outside Kasbah "very late at night" at about 5am on the 20th of October. The silver Vauxhall Astra was pictured yesterday pictured on Gosford Street, near Quids Inn.

The display on the side of the car states they are "sponsored by Durex", although nothing on Durex UK's Twitter confirms this. It is therefore unclear whether the taxis are the genuine "Fake Taxis" or are part of a Durex PR stunt.

"Fake Taxi" is a well known adult series on 18+ websites. In the videos, actors playing unsuspecting passengers are enticed into performing sexual acts in the back of the car.

Do you know anything about the arrival of the "Fake Taxis?" Email [email protected] with any info.