The Kasbah refurb has been revealed and it is INSANE

That gold hand is an Insta waiting to happen

Beloved Coventry club Kasbah closed its doors for renovation on the 7th July, leaving locals asking 'what', 'where?' and 'why?'. More specifically: 'what do I do with my life now?', 'where else can I get a burger in a smoking area?' and 'why have you forced me to go to JJ's?'.

But worry not, returning students – Kasbah makes it's big return on the 21st September, just in time for Freshers week. Not only that – but we know a little bit about what it looks like inside!

Kasbah have been posting a few cheeky teaser images on Facebook and Twitter to feed the hype and let me tell you – it has worked. They started with some close up and vague shots to get our attention:

Edgy with a capital E

And then they gave us the real deal…

Free shot for the first person to throw up in the gold hand

A whole room made of sequins are you fucking kidding me

We can't tell which room is which from the elusive pictures, but we can tell that it looks ten times cooler than before and that the two month closure was worth it.

The 21st of September will mark the first Kasbah kinky Friday in two months, so get down there and stroke those sequin walls if you get a chance.