Ten more student accommodation blocks to be built in Cov

The accommodation will be located next to Kasbah

Student accommodation in Coventry seems to be forever expanding, with ten more new developments set to be built over the next few years.

With an intake of more students each year, more accommodation is needed to meet the supply of new students.

There are already 11 student accommodation blocks currently being built, which are set to appear in Coventry city centre in the future.

This latest announcement will see ten more built just outside the ring road.

They even plan to build one right next to Kasbah, turning the old pub into an accommodation with nearly 60 flats inside. Whoever lives there will definitely be saving some money on taxis.

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One Coventry local said: "This is getting ridiculous now, we have far too much accommodation for students. Isn't it about time the people of the city get council housing?"

Unsurprisingly, it seems that these latest developments are not going to make locals hate us students any less.