Which Love Island Character is your Cov Uni Halls?

The Island had just as much drama as your halls

By now you all know the Cov Uni halls stereotypes off by heart. You probably know them better than the content of your degree, which is concerning but understandable.

And if there’s one thing uni students love more than halls stereotypes it’s Love Island. Eyal is so Liberty it hurts, but where does Dani Dyer belong? And actual Cov student Niall? Read on to find out.

Charlie Frederick – Callice

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Charlie has the face and body of a rugby player. Maybe three or four years ago he would've have slipped right into Callice alongside all the other fit rugby boys. Rugby lads have to live in Callice or Liberty so they can just walk across the road to Empire for society night.

Megan Barton Hanson – Liberty

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Megan refers to herself as "one of the guys" a typical Liberty statement. Those girls who "get on better with boys" always just love a bit of attention and Megan made sure she had that covered within her first few hours in the villa. Much like your average Liberty girls, she'd much rather have a boy who loves a smoke with the lads over a Boom Tuesday.

Josh Denzel – Gosford

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Josh sounds a lot like a basic Gosford boy. He is apparently known for his social media status and his personality seems alright but after further inspection he just doesn't seem that fun.

Georgia Steele – Cycle Works

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Like this new accommodation, she's young, fresh and fun. Those in their later years of University do not know Cycle works as well as freshers do because they feel as if there's no need. Does this not sound similar to the fact that the older islanders don't talk to Georgia, maybe because they feel they don't need to? Just think, have you ever seen Georgia and Laura have a deep conversation?

Rosie Williams – Gosford

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Good job, good bod, good hair. She radiates a well-off Gosford girl. If someone can afford to live in Gosford, they have the means to gain whatever they want. Just like how Rosie snatched up Adam as soon as she set foot in the villa.

Laura Anderson – Student House

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For the mature students out there who think they're too good to stay in halls.

Dani Dyer – Callice

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I'm pretty sure Dani is the love of everyone's life but I bet she's slamming a couple fake jaegers with her mates before a night out. Could you get more Callice?

Hayley Hughes – Raglan

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Who actually likes Hayley anymore except Josh and Charlie? And who actually likes Raglan except the University and hookers? When someone in the villa fancies Hayley, we want to vomit. When Hayley gets her beady little eyes, Liverpool accent and bleach blonde hair all over my T.V screen – I want to roll out on the road.

Samira Mighty – Callice

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Samira loves herself, thinks she walks on water and lives off attention. Callice holds a lot of big personalities like Samira's. I'm starting to think the villa should be called the Isle of Callice.

Kendall-Rae Knight – Quadrant Hall

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No one even knows who Kendall is anymore and does anyone even know what Quadrant Hall is?

Wes Nelson – Cycle Works

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He's just the male version of Georgia – both young and fun – so clearly he belongs in Cycle Works. He does ring a slight bell for Singer though because he loves taking the older ladies home.

Niall Aslam – Singer

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Pure Cov Uni lad through and through! Singer has always been the place to be for a party, a few drinks or a bath. And you can be sure that Niall probably lived here and lent his door card out to people when they went for a smoke downstairs.

Eyal Booker – Liberty

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He's definitely up to no good, smoking weed with people like Adam. Definitely thinks he's one of the cool kids and blows smoke up Adam's ass to stay in the gang.

Adam Collard – Liberty

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Refer to Eyal, he talks about Adam enough.

Jack Fincham – Liberty

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He definitely follows the popular boys, in this case, that's Eyal and Adam. He's obviously got his own brilliant personality but is too much of a people pleaser.

Dr Alex George – Priory

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A photoshop as out of place as Alex

Alex is treated like such an oddball he might as well live in a different halls from everyone else. I do think Priory is quite fitting though because he's quiet and would be the only person around Cov to find the set meal times "appropriate and worthwhile".