Good news! Coventry is the fifth cheapest city for graduates to live

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Good news for Cov lovers everywhere! According to new figures released by Propillo, Coventry is the fifth cheapest place in the UK to live for university graduates.

The figures take into account monthly cost of living, average monthly savings one year after graduation, and average rent prices.

With the extra £101 in your savings a month you could afford to go to JJ's 28 times and you'll even have enough for a kebab after. Or alternatively you could use this money for less essential things like food and bills.

Ahead of Coventry is Lincoln, Liverpool, Newcastle and in first place: Stoke. But let's be honest – who wants to live in Stoke?

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The cheapest places to live for a graduate

The figures also revealed the most expensive places for graduates to live in the UK. Topping the list unsurprisingly is London, followed by Oxford, Durham, Cambridge and Reading.

The salary in the study was based on the complete average graduate earnings one after leaving university, an average of £18,244 across the UK.

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London, Oxford and Durham top the most expensive list

People living in London, Durham, or Oxford could expect to lose up to £1,262 on average, making them the biggest places to avoid after graduation. Cov, however, never fails to come through. Spicy wings on me tonight boys!