This is the official Lanchester Library survival guide, so you can make it through this exam season alive

Lanchester Library is your new home so get used to it

Visits to the beloved Lanchester library are about to become a daily occurrence for many. Whether that means checking out books (that you most likely won’t pick up again), finding a quiet place to work/nap, or bothering your slightly more motivated mates, you'll definitely be in there at some point soon.

So we've compiled the ultimate survival guide for when you're stuck in the library and you've gotta cram like there's no tomorrow – except there is a tomorrow, and it's the day of your exam.

Early starts aren't always such a good idea

As much as productivity and getting a seat are key to playing the library game, you may soon find that 'early starts' translate to taking quick power naps after starting literally any task.

You've rewatched half of a lecture? Power nap. Written the title of your essay? Power nap. Just went and got a snack? That's tiring, better take a power nap!

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Yes, the library has a rush hour – and it's dangerous

With a lot of students utilising the library on a daily basis, 'rush hour' is a very real phenomenon. The herd of students scanning each floor and eyeing their prey (empty seats) are keen hunters and they must be avoided.

But you're in luck – students are also lazy, so try and beat the crowds that get in around 11am. But, don't wake up so early that you just waste time napping (see point one above).

Headphones are a MUST

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Loud eaters and loud breathers are the bane of every library-goers life. Are they not aware of how obnoxiously loud they chew? Do they simply not care?

You don't know the answer but you do know that you hate them more than you've ever hated one human in your life. Blast your revision playlist through your headphones to block them out – just don't accidentally pull the aux out and play The Jonas Brothers' greatest hits to all of floor two.

Free drama provides a great revision break

Drama is everywhere, especially now that everyone's back from Easter hols and is meeting up with their mates in the lib for some 'productive' bitching sessions. It's boyfriend drama, home friends beef and family gossip galore. Plus, more people piss each other off around exam season so a keen ear can pick up on bitchy tones wherever you sit.

The library has now become your number one destination for drama. You've stopped watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians because it just can't compare anymore. Just make sure to look like you're getting some work done because you do NOT want your cover to be blown.

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Following library room rules is for the weak

Many of us have most likely been busted when booking a three person room for two people and have tried to come up with excuses on the spot for where the mystery third person has gone. But when your "mate" has conveniently been out getting a meal deal EVERY time they check up on you – it starts to get pretty unconvincing.

Pick a room on a high floor (everyone hates stairs it's a universal fact) and go late at night to avoid being caught out. Bonus points if you befriend a library stranger and keep them on hand to pose as your third person when necessary.

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Three really is the magic number

Comfy clothes always, skinny jeans never

We're not advising you to be that weird guy that takes off his shoes AND socks in the library – no one wants to see your toes mate – but comfort is key here. Sweatpants, hoodies, maybe even PJ's? No one cares in the library. Not during exam season.

The aim of the game is to look so awful that you look dramatically different to your normal self, thus no one notices you and sees how shit you look. Problem solved.

Hot food lands you in hot water

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We've all been there. When hunger calls, Kebab Rush is the first thing that comes to mind. A week into library living and you'll be sick to death of cold meal deals and you just want to eat as many chicken wings as one human can physically handle.

However with a 'no hot food' rule enforced strictly within the library you may find yourself undergoing a mission impossible type situation to get your wings safely delivered to your desired work area. Backpacks and coat pockets are key. Also, air out your food a bit first so that the whole of the third floor doesn't suddenly smell like the inside of K Rush. It's a bit of a give away.