Meet Jelly Cube, Cov Uni’s reigning drag queen

Drag is an art form and Jelly Cube is Cov’s piece de resistance

Max Herring is your typical Maths student at Coventry University but on a Saturday night his inner diva shows herself in her finest form. Her name: Jelly Cube. She exudes class and elegance with outfits, hair and makeup to die for. She covers any style from Glamazon to Abstract, with all eyes on her as soon as she enters a room.

Jelly Cube can be seen belting out the hits we love on a regular basis in one of the best bars in Coventry, The Yard. Alongside other Queens, Jelly Cube meets friends, fans and aspiring Queens regularly in Yard, where she works. And trust me – she has plenty.

With her glitter beard and wicked eyeliner, she splashes her favourite looks across her Instagram. If you're lucky, you might even see Jelly Cube make appearances in some of our favourite clubs, especially JJ's. Even Jelly Cube loves a cheek Boom Tuesday.

But we were lucky enough to score an interview with the Queen herself…

What made you start doing drag?

Honestly it was the prospect of expressing my inner artistic side. I've always loved drawing, painting, writing, singing and dancing and it just made sense to put it all together into drag.

Did you have any inspiration for Jelly Cube?

The inspiration came from inside but I'm always looking at my favourite music artists, Kate Bush, Björk and David Bowie. Their fashion drives me to try new things. My other feminine inspiration is my mum. I've always looked at how she does her makeup and how she dresses which is also a key element in my drag.

How did you come up with the name?

One of my friends decided to 'read' me and I was in a a jokey bitch fight with them and they called me a jelly blob so I thought, "Hey! That would make a great drag name!" So I called myself Jelly Cube. It also refers to the fact that I am a curvy girl and I'm also an ever changing queen who doesn't like to stick to one type of drag, like how you can have different flavours of jelly!

What is Jelly's personality like? Is she as fun loving as she looks?

Jelly is very quick witted, random, crazy and weird. But she's also very down to earth. She loves alcohol, big dicks and lasagna.

What brought you to work at Yard?

When it opened I went there in drag and was fairly new at it. The two queens employed there came up to me, I just spoke to them and they helped me, we got ready together and it went from there. Eventually they gave me the chance to host a weekend and it was one of the best jobs I've honestly ever had.

What would you say to other young people about to start doing drag?

Three main bits of advice …actually four.

Firstly, always be ready and able to learn your craft. This means makeup, fashion, the feminine illusion, the art of reading etc.

Secondly, know what your intentions are! Who do you want to be? What is your goal in drag? Why do you want to be an entertainer?

Also, have fun and be kind to other queens, we're a community and it's important to stick together. There are people who are out there to diminish types of drag whether that's drag kings, drag queens, bio-queens and queens who happen to be trans. All that matters is inclusiveness.

And lastly… flirt your ass off! This isn't good advice I just like being a whore.

Jelly Cube is one of many Queens making her way through Coventry and if everyone loves her as much as we do, you're sure to head to Yard in the upcoming weekends to see Jelly and all the other Coventry Queens shine.

You can follow Jelly Cube on Instagram: @jellyqb