Everything you know if you’ve lived in a student house with more than six people

If you think three is a crowd, try living with seven

During your time at university, it's likely that many of you have shared a house with as many as six people or more. You will get the classic "are you sure?" response when you tell people you plan to live with your whole clan.

There will be mounds of washing up. And you will fight with your housemates a lot, but mostly just because there are just more people to fight with.

Here are a few situations that will be all too familiar to people who live with a ridiculous number of housemates.

The room debate

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Yeah you're all mates now until someone gets stuck with the box room

Before moving in you'll most likely draw straws as to who gets which room. However, you'll probably end up with a much smaller room even if you viewed the house first and already 'found' your room because people are snakes.

This will lead to you storing up enough resentment that you're pretty much angry all year. Having to be angry on your own in a tiny box room only makes it worse.

Kitchen storage is like a game of tetris

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I just want my green tea

With any house, freezer space is precious and highly sought after. However if you're living with eight then you're going to have to get creative.

You'll be moving frozen pizzas and cornettos around for hours before you can fit your food in, and even then you'll probably resign yourself to eating some of your frozen food haul straight away just so you don't have to engage in the Man vs Freezer battle again.

To bin or not to bin

The most common house foe known as "taking out the bins". Honestly, some people think bins can miraculously empty themselves. Especially when you live in a house of seven so there are six other people to rely on taking the bin out.

But in reality, every house has a saint among you who will clear the bins without fuss, almost every time. Where would we be without this human?

More people, more house parties

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House parties will definitely be the biggest highlight if you're living in a big house with tons of flatmates. Make your dominance as one of the hosts known, so that if you nip outside for a bit you don't get barred from entry to your own house by suspicious party goers. Yes, I'm on the list. I pay rent for this shitty student house now let me in to my own party.

Also lock all your bedrooms. Just trust me on this.

Bathroom hoggers are the bane of your life

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All I want is to brush my teeth, is that too much to ask for?

In a house of students there are definitely no early birds, so everyone wakes up after 10am – at the earliest. After which you'll probably head to the bathroom to freshen up, but you'll return to your room two seconds later because of the twenty other people who want to use your bathroom.

Okay maybe not actually twenty but that's what it feels like. Seriously, cut down on your shower time people, we're trying to save the environment here. And I've needed to pee for the past half an hour.

Nobody will remember their keys

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There is no way I am getting out of this bed to let anyone in

Chances are a few of your housemates (most of them) will leave with out their keys every now and then. This is because they're under the impression that, because they live with so many people, someone will always be at home to let them in.

This becomes ridiculous and you resent the sound of the doorbell more than any other noise, so you never answer it. It's safe to say that many Amazon parcels have been missed as a result of this.