Campus style: It’s term two and -2 degrees outside

People are stepping up their game this term

We’re halfway into second term at Cov Uni and this is right about the time that people start giving up.

Coursework and revision takes precedence over fresh fits, and the next thing you know you’re sitting in a lecture in the clothes you slept in and your hair has been in the same top knot for three days.

But apparently this isn’t true. Students this term are still putting in the effort clothes wise, which makes us wonder if they’re actually doing any coursework, or maybe they just have the supreme ability to manage the two. Who knows?

Here are some of the best dressed students we spotted on campus this week, looking wavy despite the arctic conditions.

Marinara Rosa, Oil, Gas and Energy Management, Third Year

Jamie, Luke, David, Automotive Design, First Year

When ur busy getting papped but all you want is to eat your meal deal :/

Unknown cool guy, probably third year

Connor, Fine Art, Third Year

Emily, Dance, Third Year

Emmanuel, Sports Therapy, Third Year

IG: @el.the.rover

Karol, Fashion, Third Year

Klaudia, Psychology and Criminology, First Year

Lewis, Biomed, First Year

Lily and Evan, Photography, Third Year

Olivia, Biological and Forensic Science, First Year

Ricky, Business Management, First Year

Ryan, Art Foundation, First Year

Senanur and Beyza, Fashion, First Year 

Sham, Fashion, Third Year

Shupei, Illustration and Graphics, Second Year

Simona, Fashion, Third Year

IG: @x.monalisa.x

Yeori, Fashion, Third Year

Yuejing, Business Management, Second Year

Photography by Emma McGarry, @emmamcgarryart