Why Benny’s is undeniably better than Kebab Rush

Benny’s is the king of Cov’s kebab shops and you know it

Benny’s is the best kebab shop on Far Gosford Street. The food is good (for kebab shop standards), the owners are always playing good music, and it doesn’t take a year to get your food unlike other places (cough, all other kebab shops in Cov, cough).

Naturally, being down the road from Kebab Rush people naturally compare the two. For far too long people have dismissed Benny's as "the bad one" as if K Rush was owned by Gordon Ramsay or something.

Enough is enough. If you remove the hype, you know damn well that Kebab Rush is bad. People only go there either because it’s close to their halls or they can’t be bothered to walk past all the roadmen in front of Empire. Benny’s is the king of Far Gosford 4am food and here are the reasons why.

The atmosphere is chill and the vibes are good

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I could stay here all night

The Benny's atmosphere is great. They’re always playing good music, there is never a queue to the door, and to this day I have never seen a fight break out over garlic bread.

You walk in and everyone’s already been served, Hurtin’ Me is blaring from the TV, and all is well. I cannot say any of this about Kebab Rush, where the staff are almost as fed up as your average law student. By all means, if you enjoy watching Super Casino in a loud, angry room, that’s cool. Catch me down the road vibing to the Top 40 music videos completely stress free.

The wings are the pengest munch out there

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Come to papa

Bigger is better (despite what your Tinder match tells you), a saying that Benny’s has taken to heart with its gigantic chicken wings. They are tasty even when you're sober.

They aren’t dripping with grease, and have thicker, juicier skin compared to all of it's miserable, slimy Cov counterparts.

They sell curry… and it's actually pretty good

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Yes, you’ve read that right, they actually serve curry in Benny’s and it is SO good. It tastes smoky and full of flavour. You can order poppadoms, naan, rice, samosas, you name it.

Does Kebab Rush offer curry? No. Then what’s the point? Instead of finishing your night with a greasy mystery meat burger, why not finish it with a full on meal?

There are four types of chicken burgers

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This is the happiest picture of me that exists

Benny’s do not mess around when it comes to chicken burgers. Not only are they good but they offer FOUR different types, double that of K-Rush (this does not include spicy variants, tower burgers etc).

You have your standard fillet burger meal and strip burger meal but also a classic burger (which is basically a McChicken) and even a light option with a grilled tikka burger. Not even Maccies offers a curry burger. Instead of eating boring burgers for boring people, come on down to Benny’s and add some excitement to your night out.

It has a reception, which totally doesn't feel out of place at all

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Hello sir, welcome to Benny's

Why does a kebab shop have a reception? What was this building before it sold kebabs? Can we eat our dinner behind the desk? These are all questions you can only ask in Benny’s.

Because it's so out of place and has sparked many debates about its origins, it becomes a fun part of your meal. Kebab Rush, on the other hand, has no reception which is all kinds of wrong.

It has toilets for when you need that post-Empire chunder

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Nice one

If you’re coming to a kebab shop after clubbing it's highly likely you’ll need to go to the toilet. However, if you’re going to Kebab Rush after clubbing you’ll have nothing but a sink staring at you. Why is there a lone sink there anyway?

If you need a wee, then you’ll have to walk up those steps to P-Rush for a pee run. There’s just one toilet too so have fun with that queue. Benny’s on the other hand is more advanced. Not only do you have several sinks, but you also have TWO toilets.

What more could you ask for? Benny's really does have it all.