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The receptionists at Singer Hall went seriously overboard this Valentine’s Day

It’s like they WANT us to suffer

There are three ways to spend Valentine's Day. The first involves cosying up to your other half in a bougie restaurant eating a fancy meal, or if you're a student a quarter chicken in Nando's.

The second is staring down your "it's complicated" bae as you mentally dare them to not acknowledge the fact that February 14th is a Thing™.

The third is the most well known option. You know the one where you sit alone in bed with a tub of Ben and Jerry's thinking about what could have been and what will never be. You're watching 'Me Before You', or literally anything with Katherine Heigl in it, while subtweeting your ex.

Well, the Singer Hall reception team have decided to show no mercy and really rub it in our faces this year.

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Dis tew much

This is what the poor Singer Hall residents have to see every time they come to collect a parcel or do their laundry over the next few days. This is the first thing you see when you walk through the door.

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Who thought this was a good idea

Honestly though, who actually sat down and thought "let's create a mini fake romantic dinner and place it right in front of the radiator?"

And did they drink the alcohol from those empty bottles before they put them on display? Did they drink them while they were planning this display? That makes more sense. Someone clearly had a good time.

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Hey did you know it was Valentine's Day? No me neither lol

Wait, so now we can't even collect our mail without being choked by dangling hearts? Honestly, I look and feel my worst when I'm collecting packages and doing laundry. This isn't when I want to be assaulted by love paraphernalia. Just let me wash my whites goddamnit.

Even the tree is suffering

No really, they couldn't even get a tree with leaves. It had to be hearts. There should be a law against this many heart shapes in one place.

And now it's raining bloody hearts

Well thank you very much Singer, for reminding us once again about how lonely we are. You've really outdone it this time. I'm just gonna go grab my mail and have a bit of a cry now. Thanks so much.