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We created a definitive ranking of all the chicken shops in Cov

Inspired by the one and only Chicken Connoisseur

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Chicken Shops. They're a necessary element to the nature of the "University Student™" brand – after all, we're a special breed with special dietary needs.

This is why it's so vital that every student in Coventry knows the risks of that post-club food hunt. You don't want spend your precious student loan just to be munching on a dodgy donner wrap or soggy chicken.

We want to make sure your mayo isn't watery and your burger sauce is worthy of entering the vodka cavern you call your mouth. This is highly scientific research, guys.

So here it is, our carefully curated, long-awaited review on where to munch post-rave.

Kebab Rush

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The owner was very eager for a picture of the interior but we all know what it looks like

Kebab Rush is agreed to be a favourite amongst most students. It doesn't have stupid closing times that leave you dying of post-club starvation at 4am.

Kebab Rush is always there for you, it's a great friend to end the night with before you traipse off to bed, ready to regret the night after you miss your 9am.

Also, their peri-salted chips are super sexy. Just had to throw that in there.

For all of the above reasons, Kebab Rush gets a solid 9.5/10 (because we're feeling a bit pre-2012 Simon Cowell today). I mean come on, you knew how good it was before you read this paragraph anyway, didn't you?


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Well, here we are again. At Benny's. We've all either been here once or heard the rumours. Listen, we don't want to end up in court because Benny's has a bone to pick with us (no pun intended) so we'll keep it short and sweet.

Benny, take back your chicken because we don't want it. You don't even deserve a rating, but here you go: 1/10

AFC Chicken

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Never a bad decision

AFC is pretty damn good and they pair tasty chicken with prices that'll make your jaw drop. No seriously, our chicken experts' jaws dropped when they walked in.

The customer service is brill and you'll love the funny kid who tells you stories about his five children that you're pretty sure aren't real because he looks about 16.

They have everything you could imagine: chip wraps, FRIED ribs (if that's the sort of weird thing you're into) and you could buy a whole cooked chicken for a fiver. A FIVER. That's Christmas dinner sorted then.

The only things we can fault them on are the following: they deal with cash only, the wings are really small (although at a great price), and they don't have peri salt.

AFC, you're brillant, but because of the minor faults, we'll have to deduct you a few points. You get 8/10.

Sky Blue Pizza

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It's pretty good. Sort of. You see the issue isn't with Sky Blue itself but rather the fact that AFC Chicken and Roma are right next to it.

You can't say "Oh I can't go to AFC because I don't have cash" because there's a cash machine RIGHT THERE. You have no excuse.

Also, they're more of a fish and chips place than a chicken shop and that is an issue. Sky Blue Pizza, you're good – but you could do so much better. We award you a 5/10.


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Get in my belly

5 wings for a £1 and their idea of regular sized fries for a £1 is WAY larger than Kebab Rush's portions by far. Still no peri salt though, so what's the point? You can't pay by card and their waiting times are a bit long but we were told by a secret student source that their pizzas are the best.

So we gave their pizzas a try. Oh Lord. We'd get fat over their juicy cheesy £2.49 7" pizzas with four VERY wide ranging toppings of your choice ANY day. Dominos, Pizza Hut – there's a new sheriff in town.

Roma is bloody good. Unfortunately, this is a chicken shop review not a "chicken shops that do good pizza" review so Roma, you could have been an 9, but we'll drop it to a 8/10.

Go Go Fried Chicken

We've interviewed many people and received mixed reviews about them. Some say the staff aren't the nicest humans to grace this Earth.

Usually, though, the reviews are about the quality of their food. Some say it's great, others disagree.

Well, there are better places to munch than this fifty-fifty chance. Sorry Go Go Chicken, but we're giving you a 5/10.

Spice Lounge

Let's be honest. Spice Lounge to Kasbah is like Kebab Rush to Empire. They do awesome wraps and their fries are pretty lit.

They're open late enough to feed the ravenous masses from Kasbah at 4am and there is always a line of taxis ready to drop your drunken ass back home.

They're very underrated, mostly because they're in an awkward location you only visit if you're going to Kasbah or if the cash machines in Hillfields are messing around with you.

There's nothing wrong with them, they're good, but other places are GREAT. Overall, Spice Lounge deserves to be recognized: 7/10

Chicken Cottage

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Pretty sure at least every borough of London has a Chicken Cottage

Oh no. Erm. We've interviewed quite a few people so far, and we've munched ourselves, but not one good review. We were surprised because Chicken Cottage is usually really good wherever you go. The new Benny's? No comment. 2/10

Tasty Chicken and Pizza

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Better than the motive

The chicken here is Kebab Rush level good, arguably better and the prices are so low, your student loan will love you. The portion sizes are flatteringly large and their pizzas are pretty decent.

The shop-owner remembers his customers too, so the more you go there, the more likely bossman is going to knock down the price for you. You're in luck if you live in Singer, because you'll be here all the time.

He's a one man team but we're pretty sure he's superman because you won't ever wait longer than five minutes for your order no matter how busy the shop is.

Honestly, even with our Simon Cowell masks on, we have to give this one a solid 10/10.