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Wills and Kate visited Coventry yesterday, but did they end up in JJ’s?

Did you spot them?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent the day in Coventry yesterday, beginning with a visit to our beloved Cathedral. They were met with hundreds of onlookers.

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Big up the Vicar getting pics with Will for the gram

Interestingly, they arrived this morning by train (yes TRAIN, just like us regular folk) where they were greeted by an entourage of school children.

Crowds of people had been standing waiting for them at the Cathedral Ruins and when they arrived, the crowds went wild. The Duchess was greeted by Pru Poretta who some may know as the woman who plays the part of Lady Godiva and the MBE of the Godiva Sisters Group

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Like a Hollywood celeb at LAX, William is mobbed by the fans

Later on, they visited Coventry University's new Health and Life Sciences building where they spoke to a group of paramedics.

Nickie Chhetri, a first year Dietitics student told us: "I saw William fully but not Kate. It was amazing to see someone you usually see on TV in real life."

They also visited the Hilfields Community Centre where another entourage of middle aged individuals waited in a small crowd for them to leave the building and exit in their car.

As Kate left the building there were sighs of "my goodness she's so beautiful" and even one woman standing in the road proclaiming that she "wouldn't care" in response to being warned she could be hit by their car.

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The security at the Youth Centre was no joke

With a warm reception and a full day of Coventry sight seeing, it's safe to say they'll probably be renaming Cov as the capital city of England someday soon. Probs.