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A Coventry club night thought it was a good idea to do a ‘Chris Brown vs Rihanna’ event

They’ve since rebranded the night

A Coventry club night planned to host a "Chris Brown vs Rihanna" themed night, but have since backed down and changed the name after receiving criticism.

MIST Thursdays told The Tab Coventry the theme was intended to "mainly acknowledge these two artists as the prince and princess of R&B".

In 2009, Chris Brown was sentenced to five years in prison for assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna.

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Organisers wrote in the event description to expect "an electric atmosphere and outrageous partying all night" and an hour of "Chris Brown vs Rihanna".

Tickets were available to purchase for as little as £1.50, with the night apparently taking place on Thursday 8th February at Catch 22 nightclub.

Catch 22 told The Tab they did not approve the event: "We have been hiring the venue out to outside promoters and looks like this is one of these nights," before adding "we certainly didn't approve of it."

Lauren, a Cov Biomed fresher, told The Tab she found the name of the night "a bit problematic" due to Chris Brown assaulting Rihanna during their relationship in 2009.

Santiago, a first year studying Spanish, added: "What he did was disgusting and I have no time for him as a person but I'd still go to have a fun night out listening to both artists."

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When approached for comment, MIST told The Tab Coventry the title of the club night was only designed to fit in with the R&B theme and to "mainly acknowledge these two artists as the prince and princess of R&B."

MIST continued: "This night has not been advertised yet and we are surprised you could see this. Nevertheless we understand how this night could be portrayed differently so we will just change the theme."

The event is now "The Weeknd vs Rihanna" and an updated event photo has been published.