Which classic Christmas movie is your Coventry Uni halls?

Peak for the Grinches in Quadrant

It's Christmas! Time to put on those classic Christmas movies that you've seen so many times before before.

But what about the beautiful city of Coventry that you've left behind for the holidays?

Each Christmas movie has a certain character that fits perfectly with each of Cov Uni's many, many uni halls?

Here is what classic Christmas movie your uni hall is.

Quadrant – The Grinch

Like how the Grinch stares down at Whoville with disdain, the people of Quadrant look at the other accommodation with equal hate. Lonely and far away from any of the fun places to live and drink, the only people that will visit you are the ones brave enough to venture that far out of the city.

The people who stay here probably haven’t even heard of Quids Inn. In their minds though, one day they’ll be invited to a pres in the city and they’ll rock up like the Grinch on Christmas day. Someday. One day. Hopefully.

Millenium View: Santa Paws

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You’re all freshers so you’re all young and adorable enough to enjoy this cute kiddie film about doggos in the snow. Awww, bet you FaceTime your mum to watch it with you in your PJs. Bless. You were probably born the year this came out.

Let the cute doggo hijinks help you forget that you’re isolated from every other accommodation in your lonely, overpriced, city centre prison. On the plus side you’re close to Spoons, Kasbah, and JJs but as we established you’re probably not even old enough to drink yet.

Priory Hall – Elf

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Who better embodies the sports bros that live at Priory than Buddy the Elf? Both eat absolute shit, don’t know how to dress themselves, and can down a pint just like how Buddy downs a bottle of coke in seconds.

Like Buddy, you’ve got a killer throw in a snowball fight and can be described as a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins. Most people who stay here will probably get a job from their estranged dad anyway.

Singer – Home Alone

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Why is your torch on during the day, mate?

Like Singer, Home Alone is a classic. A movie and a halls of residence that both seem to have been here since forever. Like Home Alone, Singer gets wild later on with crazy pres and parties. There’s also just as many injuries in Home Alone as there are in Singer on a Tuesday or Friday. Expect security to be as effective as the police in this movie though.

Callice Court- Love Actually

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There’s always something going on at Callice isn’t there? Just like in Love Actually. Because everyone has friends in the other blocks you always get the juicy gossip about complete strangers.

Like the cast of Love Actually everyone is connected to everyone else and there's always something juicy going on. Just don’t expect the music choice in this accommodation to be nearly as good as the movie (seriously Callice, up your pres music game).

Liberty Point – Bad Santa

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It’s just not a good accommodation isn’t it? Like Bad Santa most Liberty Point students are busy doing some form of substance before having an argument with a stranger. There’s also a strange security guard in both only the ones at Liberty could be considered pure evil, creepy, or both. Liberty Point, like this movie, has a lot of yelling, drugs, booze, and sex. Nobody sane likes this movie, just like how nobody sane likes Liberty Point.

Apollo Works- Gremlins

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Tucked away by Liberty and Singer is Apollo Hall. Underrated in every sense just like the movie Gremlins.

By day it's one of the nicest halls to look at, after midnight you'd think a rave were happening. Your pre drinks are wild much like the movie Gremlins.

But like how Gremlins gets lost in the holiday shuffle, Apollo too gets completely forgotten unfairly. By the end of one of your parties it will look like a murder was committed.

Gosford Gate- The Muppets Christmas Carol

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The Posho Shitposter Palace is most like Muppets Christmas Carol. You’re all rich like Scrooge but have the sense of humour of Fozzy the Bear. The Scrooges of Gosford Gate sneer at you in the cold to get your Pizza Rush as they enjoy their eleventh game of ping pong in a row.


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