We split all the Coventry student hotspots into a definitive best and worst list

And no, the Cathedral is NOT on this list

Coventry University students are outspoken and opinionated humans, and they really really want you to know which Cov clubs they don't like, or which Kebab shops they'll stan 'til they die.

But they are also constantly divided – JJ's or Empire? Is the library actually good or a bit shit? If there was no Costcutter by the Hub would we all starve? Kebab Rush or Benny's? We're just kidding. Obvs K Rush. So read ahead to see the definitive list of the best and worst places in Coventry.

BEST: Kebab Rush

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Got that cute American diner turned dutty kebab shop thing going on

Thank the Lord for Kebab Rush, the only acceptable form of cuisine after drunken night in Empire.

The service is A1, the wait is never long and they NEVER run out of your favourite sauce.

Oh, and don't forget the handy random sink in the corner. Perhaps to wash your peri-salted hands? Maybe? No one really knows.

WORST: Kasbah

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Controversial opinion but you know it's true. Deep down in your heart you know that it's Smirnoff and Ciroc that are hiding the truth from you – house music is TRASH.

It has multiple rooms with a "hip-hop and RnB room" (if you can call it that) AND a rock room – but let's be honest, they're so shit that even the hip-hop lovers slunk off back to the main House room.

But you have to give it credit for something. It has really awesome smoking area. You feel like you're in a holiday resort. Like – Seriously. Never has a smoking area been so classy. And there's two bars? And a grill? Drunk food in the smoking area is the one.

BEST: Empire

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The hip-hop and grime hub, home to most of the London kids, is much loved mostly because the DJs tend to to give a shit about what the crowd wants. Unlike some places *cough* Kasbah *cough*.

Some Kasbah loving students however, would trash Empire if they got the chance. Maybe they think it's too small, maybe they think it needs more rooms. But the only reason Kasbah needs multiple rooms is because you get too bored if you stay in one. Pathetic. Empire for LIFE.


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JJ's got the club goin' up on a Tuesday

The self proclaimed "biggest student night out in Coventry" is beloved by many. It all kicks off at JJ's, even though it sorta looks like a child's play area from the outside.

You'll always hear "JJ's is best on a Tuesday" for a reason. Tuesday is the BOOM! night with £1.60 drinks. Not many students can pass up £1.60 drinks, especially when they're always giving out free inflatables too. Why so many inflatables? No one knows.

And the fact that most students have Wednesdays off, means Tuesday night is the littest night in Cov.

BEST: Zoot Alley

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Forget Diagon Alley, THIS is where the magic happens

It's the safe haven for all the smokers of Liberty Point. Well, it's actually a super dodgy area and the people there look equally dodgy but we swear they're actually sweethearts once you get to know them.

It's the perfect spot for a late night joint with your friends as you enjoy the snacks you copped from the EU Mini Market.

Even if it's freezing cold, someone will still be out smoking in the alley. Though watch out for the hill though as it can be lethal. Oh, and the broken glass everywhere is super atmospheric too.

BEST: Ikea

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On a student budget this counts as a quality restaurant

Fresher's week in this place is as chaotic as the aftermath of an earthquake reaching 8.0 on the Richter scale.

Everyone loves IKEA. EVERYONE. Students enjoy dashing away their student loan on fairy lights, fake potted plants, and other various wooden items that they REALLY don't need.It's all a part of the "I'm a grown-ass adult now" phase that dies at age 21.

The beauty of Cov Ikea is that it is actually within walking distance and not somewhere you have to convince your flatmate with a car to drive you to (though you still try).

WORST: Hilfields

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You know what we mean when we say 'The Dodgy Bit'

Rumour has it that a Coventry student once got stopped by a guy in the street after a prostitute stole his phone and wallet. He asked to borrow the student's phone to call his wife. That really sums up Hillfields.

Oh yeah, and there's a not-so-secret hidden Shisha bar down the back one of the Chicken shops. But – say no when they offer you a drink. Just in case.

But it's home to that nice guy with no legs you always see outside the corner shop. So that's a plus. Sort of.

WORST: Benny's

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Dear God, no

Come on, do we even need to explain this? It will NEVER be as good as Kebab Rush.

WORST: Lanchester Library

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What are those towers even for?

Walking into this Azkaban looking castle that your lecturer commands you to enter so as to – you know – NOT fail your degree, you're expecting the full Harry Potter experience.

But you can bet Harry didn't have to deal with the magical moving shelves being 'out of order' all the bloody time.

Oh and good luck finding a seat. Despite their wild partying reputation, students in Coventry actually LIKE to study. And they LOVE to put their bags on desks and leave for 5 hours. Great.

BEST: The Hub

When Lanchester Library fails you and you need a good space to study. The Hub is always there for you. When you need a munch or a coffee fix, the Hub has your back with a cheeky Costa just chilling by the entrance.

It's open 24 hours a day and the bean bags are so comfortable that people SLEEP there. And if you're not feeling the over-priced food upstairs, Costcutter is literally just seconds away.

Not to mention that there is a roof garden? Which, Cov students would heavily encourage, should be turned into a rooftop bar. Just saying.

BEST: Costcutter

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Like an oasis in the desert, Costcutter saves lives after lectures. You walk in with innocent intentions, "just a small snack", you said. But you walk out with a stupidly priced meal deal, three Krispy Kreme doughnuts and a pack of gum you snatched whilst waiting in line. Yeah sure. Just a small snack.

But do try to avoid the ravenous law students at 10am on a Wednesday because they raid the store like nothing you've ever seen.

WORST: George Eliot Building

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Never has an elevator been so necessary

The stairs in this building were created by Satan himself. And someone had the audacity to actually put up signs comparing them to the Eiffel Tower.

Unless you're a law or business student, or you do language classes, your poor thighs would have no recollection of this kind of pain. You want cry every time you climb those steps and the corridors are like something from a horror movie. NOT the one.

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