VOTE NOW: Coventry’s most eligible bachelor/bachelorette 2017

Time to crown the lucky king or queen!

Now you’ve seen all the nominees, the time has come to choose the most eligible bachelor/bachelorette of Coventry University, 2017. The title will be awarded to the nominee with the most votes, and they will officially be crowned as the fittest singleton in the whole of Coventry University.

We’ve got to know all of our nominees in the past few weeks, but here’s a small reminder of each person you can choose to vote for.

Scott Jones

Scott Jones is our first, and possibly denchest, nominee. He is a second year Journalism student, musician and gym shark with a “rich father”.

Scott boasts that he is in the “1 per cent of half-Asians who are ripped as fuck”. As well as that, Scott plays the guitar, sings, speaks Spanish and can down a bottle of vodka on demand! What more could you want in a man?

Lizzie Johnston

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Our next nominee is blonde bombshell Lizzie Johnston. Also a second year journalism student, Lizzie is a northern gal who bakes, twerks and adores Pizza Rush.

Lizzie is also an active part of musical theatre society and she sings constantly. She enjoys drinking copious amounts of wine and having a boogie on the dance floor of Kasbah. If you think this is your kind of woman, vote for her down below.

Jamie Wilkinson

Jamie Wilkinson, or “Wilko”, is the lad you could be looking for. This boy can be seen on almost every night out because of his unbelievable dedication to the sesh – unless of course, he is at home playing Fifa.

Jamie is most well known for face planting outside of JJ’s and ending up with multiple battle scars. That, and his ability to smoke a 20 pack of B&H Blue in under an hour. He is, undoubtably, an impressive man.

Caleb Herbert

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Our final nominee is first year Ethical Hacking student, Caleb Herbert. Caleb loves the grind (and we’re not just talking about uni work) as well as travelling, music, surfing and Christmas (seriously).

This Welsh bad boy can be found in the Gosford Gate common room or even on the roof during fire alarms. If Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Lil Pump are your thing, this is the man for you. Vote below for Caleb if you believe he should be crowned.

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