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Coventry’s most eligible bachelor nomination 2017: Caleb Herbert

Hey baby, weed look good together

Our newest nomination for the coveted prize of Coventry's most eligible bachelor of the year 2017 is first year Ethical Hacking student, Caleb Herbert. You can bet Caleb knows how to press all the right buttons. Hit him up and he'll know the code – to your heart.

His interests include travelling, music and Christmas (seriously). If that doesn't get you going, get wet and wild with him on the waves as he takes you for a ride on his surf board.

You can hunker down with some blankets and chocolate milk afterwards as he's deffo got the second part of Netflix and chill down to a T(HC).

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Come sit on Santa's lap

Chasing him down isn't a hard task, you'll find him at the Gosford Gate common room or hanging out with mates apparently on the roof during the fire alarms.

So if you're looking for a romantic lighter lit dinner, Caleb has no problem in getting you to all the high places.

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Caleb's music taste is almost as fine as those hair waves. Red Hot Chilli Peppers are a must, along with Lil Pump and has been known to be quite the dancer (although it is kind of difficult to slow dance to Gucci Gang).

But don't worry if slow dancing isn't your thing, Caleb doesn't mind just straight up grinding.

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Sliding into your DMs with those sliders

Tom Jones is his granddad and he's great with animals (of the farm kind). If you didn't catch on, he is of the great Welsh descent.

Don't let that accent put you off though, as he could finally be the Gavin to your Stacey.

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If you think Caleb could be the one for you, or you have a friend to nominate, message The Tab Coventry on Facebook or email [email protected] And don't forget, you can always nominate yourself! Winners will be crowned shortly.