Cov is the UK’s city of culture for 2021!

Finally, someone sees us for just how great we really are

Coventry has been named the UK city of culture for 2021, beating Swansea, Paisley and Stoke-on-Trent to the title.

The bid team plan to use this to "change the reputation of the city" and boost Coventry's economy, tourism and access to the arts. But we just want more seats in the library tbh.

Coventry will be the UK's third city of culture to date, with the cities of Hull and Derry taking on the title previously. Those who arranged the Coventry bid hope that, like Hull, this title will have a truly transformative effect on the city.

As part of the prize, Coventry will have access to a £3m Heritage Lottery Fund grant. You can buy a lot of Kebab Rush with that much money.

For more info on Coventry's journey to becoming city of culture follow the official bid @Coventry2021 or like The Tab Coventry on facebook.

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