Coventry’s most eligible bachelorette 2017 nominee: Lizzie Johnston

‘That’s dead good that’

Our first nominee for Coventry's most eligible bachelorette of the year is none other than Lizzie Johnston. Watch out lads, you wont know what has hit you when you meet this Northern lass.

Lizzie is in second year studying Journalism – but you probably already know her, she's just that good. She likes to party just as much as the next girl and you've probably even seen her in Pizza Rush before, tucking into some post night out grub.

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Lizzie has many talents, one of them being her singing – after all she is in the musical theatre society. Don't worry she doesn't talk about it THAT much (she does). Eventually you'll learn to get used to her constant singing and spontaneous dancing and begin to feel like you're even in the society yourself.

Lizzie prides herself in being very cheeky. I can't empathise enough how cheeky she is. It is her number one skill. So prepare yourself for a sexual innuendo to be thrown into any conversation at any point.

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A night out with Lizzie will never be dull as she enjoys drinking copious amounts of wine and showing off her best moves on the dance floor of Kasbah. If you're lucky enough you'll even get to see her upside down twerking which is a sight you'll never forget.

As well as wine, Lizzie is a huge fan of Pizza Rush – possibly the biggest Pizza Rush fan in the whole of Cov. After any night out you can bet your future wife will be in there eating her heart out.

Though despite it being her favourite place it is also her worse nightmare as she frequently leaves without her ID which is never to be seen again.

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Yes that's right boys – she bakes too!

One of Lizzie's most widely known traits is her unmistakable Northern accent, which can be identified from miles away. Her famous line "that's dead good that" is endearing to say the least. Not to mention that Lizzie calls literally everything "fit" – hopefully one day that could be you.

And if all this isn't enough for you – rumour has it that she has a sink in her wardrobe (?!).

If you think Lizzie could be the one for you, or if you have any other mates you want to nominate, then message The Tab Coventry on Facebook or email [email protected] – and don't forget, you can always nominate yourself!