Coventry’s most eligible bachelor 2017 nominee: Jamie Wilkinson

Where there’s a Wilko, there’s a way!

From helping you get absolutely binned on a night out, to making you wet yourself with laughter with his antics, Jamie, or 'Wilko' to his mates, has it all. Always up for the sesh, the second year Journalism student is a great catch for girls who are looking for their Mr Perfect.

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Anything is possible on a night out with Wilko

Whether it's with all his mates or just a select few, Wilko always manages to celebrate every night out like it's his last, but just make sure you go home with him before he pulls some other (un)lucky girl!

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This could be you!

Don't let the fact that the self-proclaimed 'Absolute Myth' has made a total of seven girls cry since the start of this year get in the way of your love life, as Wilko secretly has a heart of gold, and will, most of the time, put you before his mates (unless FIFA is involved).

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At least you can share underwear?!

Wilko has many talents, from being able to smoke a 20 pack of B&H Blue in under an hour to face-planting outside JJ's and breaking his nose on a night out, what is there not to like about him? Apart from the fact he's never eaten an apple in his life – but maybe the only five a day he needs is you!

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He may have broken his nose, but he won't break your heart!

If you believe Wilko is the one for you, or you want to nominate another eligible Cov student, send your nominations to [email protected] or message The Tab Coventry on Facebook.

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