Here’s what locals really think about Chester students

They don’t like us. Shock

University life can be a bit of a bubble, with many of us barely ever speaking to the locals who call Chester home.

But what do they think of us students? Is there a better measure than to look at the Chester Chronicle's Facebook comment section? Probably not.

Neil comments on plans for new student accommodation on the site of the bus depot:

"It might only be a bus depot, but I’ve lived around Chester all my life and I’ve always remembered it as a bus depot. And I like buses more than students. They’re reliable, they start early in the morning and they actually go somewhere except the student union."

Tess makes a valid point:

"Chester uni must have the largest number of sports students in the world. What else does it teach… RE?"

Zoe isn’t a fan:


Neil again:

"I can’t stand students. They’re scrounging, lazy scumbags, that don’t get out of bed till 2pm and that’s just to watch Jeremy Kyle."

Ade reveals the city’s secretive shadow government:

"Chester uni is running Chester not the council lol."

Colin gives us the Uni equivalent of 'I wish you weren't born':

"LOL we dont want or need all you students, it was the worst decision ever to turn what was a teacher training College into a university."

Ant just comes for the show:

"Chester chronicle only post these for the banter. These comments are on form"

Paul comments on the aftermath of a 'Rosie's til Closies' kind of night:

"Students have ruined Chester. With every new build comes more rubbish, drunken students and sick all over the streets."

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In fairness, most of the comments aren’t so much against students, but rather the amount of rip-off student accommodations popping up around the city (£150 a week? I'll stick with my moldy terrace, cheers).

Sprinkled within the student hate fest were a few comments defending our very existence in the city.

Robert's getting tired of their shit:

"Getting kind of bored with the 'let's moan about the students' band wagon. People moan when a building is converted into student accommodation and they moan when accommodation is purpose built! As for ruining Chester I would like to know exactly how they've done that?"

James sums up the Chester Chronicle comment section quite nicely:

"Oh god Chronicle why? You'd cause less of a problem posting cartoons of religious figures than mentioning student.

It's like not only showing a red rag to a bull but running up & punting it between the legs whilst swigging milk and saying 'I got this from your wife'."