The Cruise cage is the best thing to happen to Chester

It’s basically a tourist attraction

If you could compare it to a landmark, it’s Chester’s version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Except not so wonky, and probably not as big of a tourist attraction.

That being so, the bird-like cage in Cruise is starting to get a name for itself.

It was my works night out, of course I got a photo, obviously I had to throw in a peace sign too

It was my works night out, of course I got a photo and obviously had to throw a peace sign in too

Originally meant for circus performers on certain set entertainment nights, Cruise have found themselves in a bit of a predicament in terms of where to store the 9ft metal cage and often just leave it on the second floor for drunken fools to clamber into.

Last week a rumour went around Chester campus that some poor, unfortunate, ridiculously smashed lad had got into the cage and managed to get himself stuck. Resulting in multiple nightclub staff having to free him. It might just be a rumour, but a bloody hilarious one.

A lot of staff were unable to say if this rumour was legit information but did tell me what a pain the cage is due to health and safety.

Natalie Morgan, a veteran rep of the nightclub, said: “The cage is so annoying, people get in it and dance in it when they’re not allowed to and due to health and safety we always have to get them out which often causes arguments, drunk people just want to have a good time don’t they.”

It is true, drunk people do like to have a good time, and getting into a cylindrical cage and pretending to be a superstar is a way to have a very good time.

Shannon Rodgers on the left with her friends getting in on the trend

Shannon Rodgers on the left with her friends getting in on the trend

I asked everyone who sent me photos of themselves in the cage if they had any funny stories about how they got into it, but most of the responses were: “We thought it was a good idea, until security made us get out.”

Except for one, Beth Oliver, who studies at Glyndŵr University in Wrexham.

She said: “A couple of months ago I was out with my friends and thought it would be funny to climb into the cage, but my necklace somehow got wrapped around one of the bars so I got stuck, and then my friends ran off and left me. I had to stand there for like 15 minutes until someone finally helped me.”

Ashlea Morgan, Ellie Dobson and Abby Williams get their cage selfie

Ashlea Morgan, Ellie Dobson and Abby Williams getting a cage selfie

After much pestering the staff responded to our questions about turning the cage in a great photo opportunity. They didn’t respond.

Their response was, well, there wasn’t a response. So either they’ve accepted this is a great idea and they’re already setting the wheels in motion for this brilliant opportunity and writing my thank you card.

Or, they’re laughing at me behind their desks and questioning why the hell I’m writing a 600 word article about a cage and most likely hanging my photo up so I never receive entry again.

Either way, keep this trend going, because that cage makes for some cracking stories and photos.

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