Are you Chester’s biggest name on campus?

Send us your suggestions

If you do not know what a BNOC is then you probably aren’t one.

The term big name on campus has been thrown about on campus here and there but it’s time we crowned the champion.

Popularity is key- it is simple everyone just knows them and they seem to be anywhere and everywhere at all times.

chester bnoc

If you are a BNOC you are bound to be known for something, whether it is being a part of a society, a club promo, you have a special talent or you are insanely fit and people just know you, you could be the one to get crowned BNOC of the year.

A classic BNOC will not know everyone but everyone will know them.

If you are that person or you know someone who is send us a message on our Facebook page with the name of your BNOC, why they are a BNOC and a picture.

Finally, you the students of Chester get to decide who gets crowned this title.

So send us your BNOC entry and watch this space for the first round.

University of Chester