General Election 2017

General Election 2017

Young voters said they were going to turn out big. Only one pollster believed them

‘In the hierarchy of polling sins, I think this ranks pretty highly’

Many of our readers hadn’t voted before. Then they wiped out Theresa May’s majority

The editor who coordinated The Tab’s election coverage looks back

Unelectable, deluded, and facing ‘electoral annihilation’: What they said about Jeremy Corbyn

This is what the columnists wrote

The fight’s not over – here’s everything you can do now

Democracy does not end after election day and we still have voices so let’s make them heard

Young people haven’t just changed this election, we’ve changed politics

Can you hear the sound of old people quaking in their boots

The true winners of the election are the creators of great, vintage Simpsons memes

‘I’m a white male aged 18-49, everybody listens to me, no matter how dumb my suggestions are’

Historic youth turnout sinks Theresa May

The 2017 General Election gave young people the opportunity to change politics – they did

Exit poll results are in: Theresa May predicted to lose Conservative majority

Conservatives are set to lose control of the House of Commons

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