Tiger sanctuaries are evil, and they’re finally being shut down

At Tiger Temple they found 40 dead cubs in a freezer

How to ditch your unwanted freshers friends

If you don’t have one, it’s probably you

I only ate blueberries for a week

They also make a pretty good body lotion

Cornwall’s closed beaches are overflowing with raw sewage

Watch out there’s a turd about

You are a summer stereotype

And you don’t even know it yet

Salou fest horror: Cheerleader falls 50ft from balcony and is left paralysed from the neck down

Dina Amos-Larkin will not be able to walk again

Why isn’t everyone getting smashed while writing their dissertation?

Anyone for a Dissertation Daiquiri?

Is the idea of ‘edgy’ dead?

When everyone is wearing tie-dye, smashing pingers and listening to Seth Troxler, can we safely say it’s over?

Why don’t more people do Pole Sport?

No it’s not just for girls

Don’t hate me for being a promoter

Grow up promophobes

It can’t be easy being a promoter when everyone hates you

Being an annoying bastard must be damaging to your soul

Taly freshers host brothel-themed house party

‘Welcome to the whore house’

I’m a 21-year-old bloke and I love One Direction

There, I said it

Dapper Laughs should not be censored

He is sexist, but that doesn’t matter

Tab ‘n’ Fresh

TabTV hit the streets of Birmingham and found students eating chicken, wearing very silly costumes, and swearing more than their mothers would really allow.