This new Cardiff club night will be offering £1 VKs!!! Yes, really.

Come on ladies come on ladies, one pound drinks

Cardiff is officially the cheapest place to be a student in the UK

Suck on that Swansea

Tuition fees to increase to £9,250 across universities in Wales from 2018

An increase in financial support for students will be made available though

Being a Cardiff Fresher is honestly the best part of uni, and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees

Out every night of the week? Yes, of course

Cardiff Students are campaigning for mental health awareness, and you can join them too​

There’s more we can do to help has been spotted in Live Lounge

Willy clearly wanted to go and listen to Smash Mouth

Just pictures of the Champions League in Cardiff

Something about Cardiff you can actually show your mum

Actress claims that a Cardiff taxi driver refused her because of her wheelchair

He started shouting at her in the street

‘Every crying person was greeted by a stranger with open arms’: What it was like being part of the Manchester vigil

Thousands of people of all ages, ethnicities, and religions stood side by side in solidarity.

All the things Cardiff University has taught me over three years

Aside from how to procrastinate, of course

Packing up your student house: a guide on what to toss and what to keep

Yup, you’re going to have to recycle your trophy shelf of empty vodka bottles.

Cardiff Met are one game away from qualifying for the Europa League next season

“A place in the Europa League would be a dream come true for the whole team”

Sick of the jam-packed libraries? Here are some of Cardiff’s best alternatives to work and revise at

See ya later ASSL

Stop saying you’ve got OCD if you’re just tidy

Constant anxiety and fear is not the same as just being tidy

Everything that will inevitably happen to you on tour

What happens on tour definitely doesn’t stay on tour

Revs in Cardiff is getting a makeover

The new venue will have its student night relaunch on 23rd May

Cardiff bar now serving giant pornstar martinis with a bottle of prosecco

It comes with four sharing glasses

Juice is back on the 6th May

Exams? What Exams?

Every type of boy you’ll meet at the lash

SU + fuckboy + VK = recipe for disaster