The Cardiff Uni Ladies’ Hockey Club naked calendar is out now

The calendar aims to raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer Care

Which Gavin and Stacey character are you based on your Cardiff options?


Cardiff University crowned Welsh University of the Year 2018

Better luck next time Swansea

I’ve been an adult for four years now and still can’t cook

My housemates may judge me for never cooking but really, it’s for their own safety.

Dear boys in the Lash, trust me, you are not God’s gift to women

Take your beige chinos and your beige personalities somewhere else

Cardiff is having its own festival dedicated to burgers

Calling all large sandwich enthusiasts

Help, I’m addicted to having boyfriends and I can’t stop

Sorry, I was just thinking about boys

Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher 2017 nomination: Sasha Thomas

Seriously, this guy is cray

I sat in on a BSc lecture and honestly why are you guys doing this to yourselves?

BA’s do it better

What type of uni relationship are you actually in?

Being the virgin sucks

We asked VK how many VKs you should be drinking a week

Fun fact- they’re suitable for Vegans

USW and Met students need to get out of the Lash

Go find your own Students’ Union

We spoke to the Cardiff second year who spent a day with Made in Chelsea’s Ryan Libbey

Yes, he really is that hench

Cardiff University libraries made over £20,000 in late fines last year

Over a 1000 books were returned late

Uh oh, Cardiff Men’s football team are banned from the SU as well

Another one bites the dust

These Cardiff students dressed up as silverfish for Halloween

Honestly I’ve never been more scared

It’s time: You can now send in your nominations for Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher 2017

Have you met any Taly terrors?

Gluten free is NOT a fad!

Stop eating my gross bread

Literally what the fuck is British halloween? An American student speaks out

Fake blood and a bit of face paint doesn’t count as a costume