Here are your worst Cardiff Uni housemate horror stories: Boggy bins to sickening sinks

If your house mates made your life hell, this is your chance to play fingers down

When you arrive at uni, you’re expected to live with a group of random people you’ve never met before. Although sometimes they can end up being your best friends, sometimes you don’t get on, and the people you live with can really make you feel at home or at hell. We’ve comprised a list of all the worst Cardiff Uni horror stories just in time for halloween.

Bodily fluids in the sink

Multiple students have told us about housemates who have thrown up in the kitchen sink and just left it there for others to clean it up. One Cardiff student threw up in every sink in their entire student house, and then went for a walk leaving the sick there so no one could use the bathroom or kitchen for hours until they got back.

Worse yet, one student said that in first year the boys in their flat held a crate escape in the kitchen (for those unfamiliar to the concept, you can’t leave the room until any crates of alcohol that are blocking the door have been completed drunk) and because the toilet was outside the kitchen door, over 12 boys all had a wee in her kitchen sink (with dishes still there).

If that was us, we would be demanding new plates, and a new flatmate tbh.

Blocked the sink with food and left it there for a week

On the topic of kitchen sinks that have been treated with the upmost disrespect, this student left rotting food in the kitchen sink for a week so not just he, but the whole house could enjoy the aromas whilst attempting to wash up or get a refreshing glass of water.

Look, we’re all guilty of leaving a piece of pasta in the sink from time to time, but this one brought tears to our eyes. The smell of rotting food, the lack of drainage, the audacity, its just cruel.

Set multiple alarms for the middle of the night

This might not sound that horrifying, but imagine waking up to random alarms going off at 3 am. This flat apparently had one roommate who would never wake up to them, but liked to ensure everybody else did, just to keep things spicy.

Another student told us how she had to keep opening the door for her drunk roommates who never took any keycards with them. They called her 15 times and begged her to open the door every night during Freshers’ Week.

Hid leftovers behind the bins because he couldn’t find the food bin

One annoyed Cardiff student shared how his roommates kept finding silverfish and decaying food behind their bins. When they confronted the suspected flatmate, he simply told them how he couldn’t find the food bin so instead would put it behind the bins. 

Why wouldn’t you just put it in the main bin at that point? Brb crying.

Triggered the fire alarm and fainted

This one sounded so unreal that we had to read her words twice. After months of being convinced the fire alarm was fake, one Cardiff student’s flatmate decided to put the hypothesis to the test.

His test backfired horribly when he lit a cigarette near the alarm and it went off. What’s worse is while the entire building cleared in minutes, he fainted and only woke up, with a weird smile on his face, after the chaos was already over.

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