As if we didn’t know already, Cardiff has ranked as one of the best cities for a night out

It’s absurd that it didn’t make number one if you ask me

Cardiff has ranked as the 13th best city in the UK for a night out.

Get Licensed has produced a ranking of the top 50 UK nights out with Cardiff narrowly missing out of the top 10.

The study showed that there are 17.97 pubs per 100,000 people in Cardiff and on average a pint in Cardiff cost £3.31 which is similar to other cities such as Liverpool and Birmingham where pints cost £3.42 and £3.41 respectively.

However, while the drinks might be relatively expensive, the city make up for it by being one of the safer cities in the UK; the Numbeo safety index score puts Cardiff at 62.60, which is higher than the majority of the cities listed in the ranking.

When it comes to mugging, robberies, and being victims of a violent hate crime, we’re proud to say that Cardiff scores very well. We scored 34.00 on the mugging and robbery scale which is significantly lower than the highest score which was Bradford at 70.20. Thankfully, violent hate crimes are even rarer here too with Cardiff being scored at 18.40. These scores all contributed to the final night out rankings.

Considering all factors, Cardiff lands at number 13 for the best night out in the UK with an overall score of 5.98. At the top, we have York – which scored 7.67, and at the bottom we have Coventry with a score of 2.12. However, we still think Cardiff is top 10 material.

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