Best dressed at Fight Night 2022 is here and it’s all glam

Here’s who caught our attention on the night

Fight Night came to Cardiff and it was well and truly delivered. Those in attendance were treated to a stacked card and plenty of incredible fights. Fight Night being a black tie event meant that the punters came dressed to impress.

While everyone in attendance understood the assignment, these lot went above and beyond. These were the guys and girls that made us stop in our tracks.

Grace Camden, Anna Hinton, Kitty Brezinskis, Francesca Henniker-Gotley and Melissa James

The photo-bomber at the back excluded, we’ve got a mix of courses here: Geography, History, Criminology, Neuroscience, and Law.

Emily Bull and Chris Joseph

This gorgeous duo study Physiotherapy.

Oliver Daniels and James Cook

Oliver is a Mechanical Engineering student while James is securing that bag with a Marketing degree.

Mia Wade, Louie Chasity, and Ruby Davies

These three study English Language and Linguistics, History, and Chemistry.

The group we didn’t quite catch the names of…

Have you ever been approached by The Tab, Cardiff for a picture? Most who do, tend to grab as many friends as possible to be included. This is Exhibit A.

We might not have caught their names, but course details? We would never forget. This lot studies Computer Science, Economics, English Literature, Criminology, Business Studies, and Sociology.

Kirsty Perriman, Phoebe Morris, and Harri Rowley

These three study Occupational therapy, Maths, and Economics.

Sam George, Lewis Sanderson, and Vanessa Lindoe

This group studies Natural History, Criminology, and Social Science.

Will, Lauren Turbott, and Joey D

We’re not quite sure who this trio are, or what they study but they look good regardless so had to be included.

Phoebe Morris, Kirsty Perriman, and Will Vincent

This trio studies Maths, Occupational Therapy, and Business. The guy in the background? He couldn’t remember.

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