Here are the hygiene ratings of your favourite Cathays takeaways

Those Wednesday night takeaways look a little different here

Whether you make it to close or not every Wednesday or Saturday, it’s almost a guarantee you’ll be making a stop at one of Cardiff’s finest takeaways on the way home. Whether it’s 12am or 4am, we doubt you’re thinking about the hygiene ratings no matter how long the queue. And you can’t be blamed, we get it, its been a long day and the only thing you want in the world is cheesy chips and garlic mayo. It’s tradition.

The Cardiff Tab visited Cathays’ most acclaimed takeaways to give you the lowdown on their hygiene ratings, even though it won’t change anything – after all, this is what most of us look forward to when we’re planning on seshing.

Fam Fish – 5/5

Fam Fish is the underdog of Cathays’ takeaways, but a great pit stop if you fancy really friendly service and the chance to be featured on their wall of fame.

Their hygiene rating is more than just above average for Cathays, its a 5/5. Fam Fish just doesn’t let us down, good food, good vibes and a clean takeaway- not to mention the chance to get your pic up on the honorary student wall of fame.

Wiwo Noodle Bar – 4/5

Wiwo is not the usual choice after a night out, but for a banging Sunday takeaway, or a quick lunch stop, Wiwo is the place to be.

It’s fresh and it’s filling, and the hygiene score won’t scare you away either. Coming in with a lovely 4/5, you can’t go wrong.

Chicago Bulls – 3/5

Chicago Bulls definitely wins the prize for Cathays longest menu: they’ve got everything you could crave… and more. But sometimes less is more, and with their hygiene rating a 3/5,  there is definitely some room for improvement. Does it change anything? 3 is still more than half way there, right?

Pepe’s Piri Piri – 5/5

Sadly, Pepe’s shuts at 12am, but while it is open it’s the place to be for all of your chicken wants and needs. It’s stunning 5/5 hygiene rating isn’t too shabby either. So if you fancy chicken wrapped, bapped or stuffed in a sandwich, Pepe’s is the place to go.

Fattoush – 3/5

The watering hole for all freshers after a night out, Fattoush really is the halfway point between town and your Taly bed. Surprisingly this landmark only holds a 3/5 hygiene rating: so maybe the secret ingredient for their iconic garlic mayo should be kept a secret.

Mama’s – 3/5

Arguably the Queen of kebab shops and a favourite spot for students after a heavy night. But will you be put off by the hygiene rating that slams Mama’s in the middle of the table with a rating of 3/5? Can we really be surprised? Does anyone even really care? Maybe you’re just practicing boosting your immunity. Either way, after a night out: it’s kebab time.

Poutine Box – 4/5

Poutine Box is a new takeaway on the scene, and with mixed reviews from students over Cardiff it’s pretty much a marmite situation. But you know what isn’t 50/50? Their stunning hygiene rating at 4/5.

Did these ratings shock us a bit? Yes. Were we surprised? No, not really.

Does any of this really matter? No, as we wouldn’t want to take our hungry stomachs anywhere else. See ya next Wednesday Mama’s.

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