Meet the fourth and final round of Cardiff’s most eligible bachelors

It’s our final round of nominees

We’re one step closer to finding out who is Cardiff’s most eligible bachelor, with our final round of nominees! Unfortunately, this fourth round is not an easy one and will definitely be a hard pick.

Whether you want an SU lover or an SU hater, if you’re team YOLO or team Juice, this round has a potential bachelor for you.

Hoping to send a cheeky DM? Fear not, we’re not doing any gatekeeping, however tempting, so we’ve added their Instagram handles.

Sam, Third year, Business management marketing

Sam’s favourite Cardiff night out is YOLO, so it won’t surprise you that the SU is his main personality trait. Struggling without the SU, Sam’s ideal partner needs to share his passion for the SU, after all, his friends describe him as an “SU addict”.

Sam picks up potential partners by bringing up his past career as a child model. Using the SU as a dating app, Sam has yet to be recognised for his former career, which is a dating low.

If animal role play is something you’re into, Sam is the person for you. His experience of meowing at pillows (don’t ask) will definitely come in handy!

Zach, Third year, Bioscience

Zach has been described as “short and sweet”. There’s no need to stress about being Zach’s ideal partner, as he isn’t fussy. He’s excited to be part of the rounds this year so he can “see what Cathays has to offer”.

If you’re lucky enough to catch his eye, you might be lucky enough to receive one of his great pick up lines. Which we promise you, aren’t exactly PG.

His ideal night out is a Thursday curry deal at Spoons, followed by cocktails in his homemade bar. However, you won’t find him in the SU, as he claims he is too prestigious.

Despite Zach’s favourite dating app being Hinge, Zach loves a good Tinder match- Getting over 100 Tinder matches in one day!

Alfie, Third year, Banking and Finance

Humoured by his nomination, Alfie is demanding a recount if he doesn’t secure a win. Alfie’s ideal night out is either Juice or Welsh Club, two staple locations for all Cardiff students, freshers take notes. If you look like Cheryl Cole, then you may be graced with Alfie’s go to chat up line: that he can down a drink in 1.8 seconds. Maybe you could even persuade him to show you?

He has been described as “tall and funny”, and is partial to a Tinder swipe. However, if you don’t find him on Tinder, you’ll find him pole dancing on lamp posts in Cathays, just ask his previous matches.

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