10 things that prove you’ve found your Cardiff uni wife

Some might say she’s your wife from another life…

We’ve got many different kinds of mates at uni. The ones you sit in lectures with, the besties you bond with over your terrible uni flat, and the ones you only ever see when you’re both downing a VK at the SU. But we all have that one gal pal who sticks by us through thick and thin while at uni. Have you ever wondered if she is your uni wife? Here are the ten tell-tale signs that you’ve met your Cardiff uni partner in crime.

You met in Taly obviously

Look, there’s only one way to start off a uni wife friendship, and that is of course in the hallowed halls of Taly. Doesn’t matter which one, experiencing life in Gate, North, South or Court together means you’re bonded for life. Especially after having fought off that silver fish infestation together.

It always came back to the two of you

And you’re not mad about it either, three’s a crowd anyway and trying to get those Yolo and Juice tickets is wayyy too difficult as it is. No one else gets you like they do, it’s a fact. Besides, it’s easier ordering drinks when you both get the same: two orange VKs please!

She never fails to pick up your fave Lidl Bakery goody

She knows what you need before you even know it yourself, and it’s always the highlight of your day! This is true uni wife material, looking out for you and your stomach. When she wakes up early she’ll even bring you a pain au chocolate before you wake with that dreadful hangover. If this isn’t a uni wife perk I don’t know what is.

You never lose each other on a night out

There is always a set plan, with code words and meeting points. It’s hard to lose each other when you’re joined at the hip, but on the rare occasion that you do, you head straight to the arranged meeting spot: if you’re at Livey’s, it’s obvs the smoking area. You always go to the toilets together, because who else is going to hold your hair back after one too many VKs?

Whenever you’re out in a crowded venue (i.e the SU every Wednesday and Saturday), there’s always the hassle of being shoved about the place. Exhibit A: the rugby boys basically fling you across the room like a Webb Ellis ball (and not in a good way) but your uni wife is always there to shove them back and give them a dirty side eye. Thanks bestie.

Your photo wall is basically just a dedication to your friendship

Others might find it creepy but you’re fully invested in this friendship (and you don’t get photos with anyone else anyway…). Your mates from home will come to visit and ask where the pictures of them are. Sorry, you just don’t quite cut the mustard. Your uni wife has improved your insta-game ten-fold and you couldn’t be more thankful. You’ve got her to thank for your glow up, and you express your gratitude through a series of banana breads.

You never go through a breakdown alone

You’ve been there for every meltdown, whether it was during those late night ASSL study sessions or crying in the girls toilets in Pryzm. You’ve seen it all and that’s OK because she has too. University is filled with breakdowns let’s face it, but you come out better on the other side because of your uni wife. She’s a godsend.

You obvs go to varsity with matching face paint

Even if you never had an interest in sports before, it’s all for the gram… and the Rugby lads (there’s no point lying to yourself!). Game day in Cardiff, Varsity in Swansea – whatever the sporting occasion, you’re matching. That’s what besties do, right?

She knows your takeaway order off by heart

Ordering is quick and easy because she knows exactly what you’re fancying and when. Khan’s, Fam Fish, Mowgli’s or a classic Dominoes, she’s got you covered.

Taking Nextbikes to the Bay is your go-to sunny day activity

The last time you both exercised was way back in year 9 P.E lessons (and sometimes not even then), so whilst your bum hurts by the time you reach the Bay, at least you get to do it together – and reward yourself with a pint afterwards!

You always seem to be matching

What are the odds that your outfits unintentionally match for every occasion… from just going to a lecture to a Christmas meal at The Taf (or at home COVID-19 style).

If you relate to all of the above, congrats! You are part of an iconic Cardiff Uni wife duo! Without fail, people always question when you both aren’t together, whether it’s at a Bute park picnic or grabbing a pint at the pub. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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