Cardiff Bay left trashed for the second time in a week following warm weather

Cardiff Council have called it ‘unacceptable’

Cardiff Bay has been left covered with litter for the second time this week following after crowds congregated there due to the recent warm weather.

On Tuesday, empty cans, beer bottles and plastic bags were strewn across area, with much of it being left on the Senedd steps. This happened after reports claimed that the bay was inundated with people enjoying the hottest day of the year so far.

Furthermore, in footage posted online, a police presence can also be seen and there have been reports of arrests.

Cardiff Council expressed their dismay on Twitter at the treatment of the bay and claimed that their clean-up teams began at 6am the next day to rectify the problem:

However, on Wednesday people returned and once again Cardiff Bay was covered in litter after crowds gathered to soak up the sun. This came after additional bins were put in the area to prevent further littering.

People on Twitter have been expressing their outrage, with one writing: “How disgusting and lazy do people have to be to leave rubbish lying around?” and one user simply captioning his video “Wow.” as a reaction to the mass of rubbish left on the steps of Welsh Parliament:

First Minister Mark Drakeford commented on the situation calling it “shocking” and “entirely unacceptable” whilst further reiterating that the waste of council resources was “time consuming” and “costly to taxpayers”.  He then urged those visiting areas like Cardiff Bay to stick to the rules put in place and stay in groups of no more than 6 people, from 2 households.

A Cardiff Council spokesperson also announced that more clean-up teams had to be deployed on Thursday in order to clean up the mess made by revellers the day before.

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