Cardiff SU announces 12am curfew for club nights after lockdown

The announced has caused backlash from students

Cardiff University Students Union has announced that a curfew will be introduced when the SU club nights re-start next academic year. This comes as a result of Covid regulations that are due to stay in place for the foreseeable future.

This means that the beloved club nights of YOLO and JUICE will now finish at 12am, rather than the previous 3am.

Despite the growing numbers of vaccines being administered, there are still ongoing fears surrounding mass gatherings. Just last week, the University announced that this year’s graduation has been postponed.

Young people are one of the groups least at risk, and so many are yet to receive a vaccine.

That Cardiff Tab reached out to students at Cardiff University to gather their opinions on the announcement.

One student told us: “You’d spend about the same amount of time in the bloody queue”.

The curfew is supposedly intended to allow clubs nights to be reintroduced slowly, and to keep cases low. It is unclear at this time as to whether the club will be opening earlier in the evening as a result.

A third-year student said: “All I’ve been dreaming of for a year are SU nights, and now I get this”.

Another student commented that the length you’d be in the club “would pretty much be over” once you had queued for the girls toilets. Adding that they are “sick of drinking at home”.

A Cardiff fresher said: “I’m 18 and have still never been clubbing… I picked Cardiff because I heard the SU was sick and now it seems I’ll never get a proper night there!”

Many have expressed disappointment over these circumstances, but a 12am curfew is better than no SU at all! So for now, let’s drink our orange VKs at home, and YOLO and Juice.


YOLO and JUICE remain the light at the end of the tunnel, don’t worry.


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