Here’s everything students miss about pre-Covid Cardiff

I’m longing for an SU Wednesday

As it’s been a year since the UK went into lockdown, we thought we’d reminisce about pre-Covid Cardiff and everything it had to offer.

From The Taf to rugby game days, to simple things like sitting in a coffee shop with friends, there’s something we all miss about Cardiff, and it’s safe to say we cannot wait to get back to normal.

We asked the students of Cardiff what they missed most about life before lockdown, and here’s what they had to say.

‘SU Club nights, duh’

Wednesdays are a special day of the week. It’s hump day, which means we are a step closer to the weekend. However, before Covid, Wednesdays were a Cardiff students holy day – reserved for sports matches and YOLO to follow.

These nights were truly the epitome of student life and we can’t wait to boogie to another silent disco (hopefully very soon). Where else are you going to see a bunny, elf and granny all in the same place? “Juice and YOLO nights” (accompanied with a sad emoji, from a student) were actually one of the most common answers amongst Cardiff students and it’s clear to see why; nothing says uni more than hundreds of students, all in fancy dress, packed into the SU and drinking many, many VKs (orange FTW).

These two nights are historic at Cardiff and it’s only a matter of time before we’re basking in its VK-soaked glory once again.

Just wanna hug my mates again tbh

One Cardiff student simply said they miss “hugs” and it’s fair to say a hug would fix so many problems at the moment.  It’s been so hard seeing our friends arrive back in Cardiff since September, not being able to give them a massive bear hug. Friends truly do make uni memorable and not being able to show you care for them has been very challenging. Until we can hug again, virtual ones will have to do.

‘I miss getting sweaty in a club’

Lockdown is making us miss even the strangest of things… Normally I would absolutely hate getting drenched in a club and being pressed up against many other sweaty students dancing and spilling VK’s all over the shop. But, honestly, I would take a sweaty club over lockdown any day. After this dreadful pandemic is over, I for one will be at the front of each club queue, ready to dance the night away with my friends in a room that is all too hot and cramped, just so I can make more memories.

Drunk nights waiting for food

Takeaways have been open during lockdown, thank God, but it just isn’t the same when you’re not stumbling out of a club at 3am, absolutely steaming and pleading with the takeaway workers to give you a couple of extra chips.

The best parts of a night out are arguably in the food places afterwards, and we want nothing more than to be in a crowded Maccies, chomping down on a Big Mac whilst drunkenly making friends for life (or, at least, for five minutes). As one student put it, “2am drunk nights in fam fish waiting for chips and curry sauce” just sound like an absolute dream that we’d like to switch this nightmare to please and thanks.

‘2-4-1 cocktails at Slug & Lettuce and Turtle Bay with the girls’

Ahhhhh, remember the days when you could go for brunch with the girls, knock back about a gazillion 2-4-1 cocktails in two hours, and stumble home steaming drunk at 1pm? Yeah, we remember them too, just with a tear in our eye. Brunching and drinking with your mates has to be one of the top things we miss the most; they really were becoming the new night out.

When graduation ceremonies were a thing

Lots of students told The Cardiff Tab that they haven’t had the chance to attend their own graduation ceremony, a rite of passage for all students. A graduation ceremony means that every student can celebrate their amazing achievements from their uni journey, but sadly Miss Rona decided to come in and take it from us. Even with graduation ceremonies at home and certificates being sent in the post, it just isn’t the same is it? All I want is a picture in my gown outside City Hall, seeing my friends one last time. Can you give us that at least? Please rona, I beg you?

Pub, pub, pub

Unsurprisingly, many of the students we spoke to said they were desperate for the pubs to reopen. I honestly don’t know if I can survive another Six Nations without the Prince of Wales.

Regardless of whether you’re a Revs regular, Live Lounge legend, or a Spoons supporter, there’s no denying that we all miss pubs and clubs dearly. There’s nothing like finishing your lectures for the day when your mate asks if you want to do a pub crawl round Cardiff… the answer will always be yes after this year’s antics. Each pub and club holds a special place in our hearts, and we hope we can go again at least once before the year is over.


Honestly, we couldn’t have said it any better. Rona, you’ve caused enough damage; it’s time to leave so we can live our best lives now.

So there we have it. Everything that students miss about pre-Covid Cardiff, but hopefully we’ll be back on the slimy SU dance floor with two VKs in hand before we know it. My fancy dress drawer is starting to gather dust.

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