Here’s how I dealt with a breakup during Cardiff’s lockdown

How am I supposed to get over a breakup without the SU?

Dealing with a breakup can be difficult at the best of times, but add a global pandemic and it’s a whole other kettle of fish. The constant on-off lockdowns and all the social distancing rules make it a particularly hard time to get over someone and move on.

From a gal who’s gone through a lockdown breakup, here are my top tips on how to keep on top of things and speed up the process:

Keep yourself as busy as possible

Normally the go-to advice for a difficult breakup is to keep busy and see your friends as much as possible.  There would usually be many trips to Live Lounge, where you inevitably feel sad watching all the other couples having fun but eventually cheer up enough to join in. A few VKs and you’re away. As endless nights-out aren’t an option at the moment, we’ve had to get creative. Literally.

make ur granny proud and try a little bit of embroidery

Keeping busy sounds easy enough but when you take meeting up with friends out of the mix, a lot of people find themselves at their wits end with nothing to do.  So keeping busy has now almost come to mean “let’s find a new hobby.”  It’s fun to get creative and discover a new talent for something you never knew you had, but even something as simple as reading can take your mind off the breakup blues for a few hours.

Get outside as much as you can

Thankfully the outdoors haven’t become off-limits, so getting a daily dose of fresh air is still possible. Nothing beats going for a run with an uplifting playlist, but walking or just moving around can help so much in getting rid of the slobby pyjama monster we all turn into after a breakup.

looks like someone who’s getting over a break up if I do say so myself

I’ve definitely seen enough of Bute Park to last me a lifetime, but stretching your legs and getting some sunlight on your face really helps to wake yourself up and focus on the positives.

Find someone else to text

Most people find themselves wanting to still text their ex about the weird things that happen in their day, even more so when we’re spending all day on our phones.  This communicative urge can’t be stopped, let’s face it, but you can redirect it.

Just pick a friend who you can subject to hundreds of clingy texts, your friends may get sick of your endless messages but at least while you’re annoying them, you’re not pestering your ex.  A particularly nasty breakup might even drive you to a phone detox, anything to stop constant reminders.

Tinder might become your new best friend

When you think you have moved on, it’s usual to start looking for someone new. Unfortunately the spontaneous 2am meetings in Live Lounge or Welsh Club are out the window so the other option is to try online dating.

Put the laptop down and get swiping

It can sound daunting, but really where’s the harm in talking to someone for a bit and seeing how it goes?  Social distancing means you can’t really meet up for ‘proper’ dates at the moment, but you could still get to know someone over text or meet up for a walk in the park – Roath Park is looking particularly nice at the moment with the autumn leaves.

Or, there’s the dreaded zoom date.  I can’t personally think of anything worse, but if you’re a dab hand at zoom then you’re all set!

Most importantly, take your time

It can be frustrating, but getting over someone can sometimes take months. Think of it as quality “me time” where you can focus on yourself and not have to worry about someone else. At least at the moment, no one really seems in a rush to be starting a serious relationship.  No one knows when they’ll be able to meet up, so don’t stress about it. Just focus on yourself, take up a new hobby, and enjoy being single.

So, there are my top tips for going through a break-up during a pandemic. Luckily, Wales is out of a lockdown now which makes it a lot easier to get out and keep yourself busy. But the most important thing to remember is that it will take time, and everyone gets over a break up in their own way. These are the things that made me feel better, but it’s important to do what you feel is right!

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