Cardiff Uni student filmed by stranger whilst running in Bute Park

This follows a number of incidents of harassment in Cathays

A Cardiff University student was filmed by an unknown man during a run in Bute Park. The incident took place at around 11am near the ambulance station.

A post was made on the Facebook group ‘Overheard at Cardiff University’ about the incident, warning others who may run in the park. The post, written by a friend of the victim, said that the man was filming the student “without being discreet at all”. The Facebook post also claims that upon being challenged regarding his behaviour, he admitted that he was filming her and said he wanted a video of her on his phone. He also supposedly said that it’s just something people do in Bute Park.

The friend of the victim continued in the post to say: “After realising this man was a complete freak and disgusting, she ran off to safety and someone rung the police for her.”

The man was described as “white, bald around 5 foot 7, wearing a black coat and filming on a silver iPhone in a black case.”

This follows a number of claims of harassment in and around Cathays, with many students reporting incidents of men following and harassing them, especially when walking at night.

The Cardiff Tab spoke to the woman involved, Phoebe, who said that the man didn’t seem fazed when she called him out for recording her. She continued by saying that when she tried to run away, he kept videoing her.

According to the Facebook post, the police have a description of the individual. It also states that the victim wants to “warn anyone who goes running around Bute even in broad daylight.”

The friend of the victim, and author of the post, has advised anyone to “try to avoid running on your own”, and adds that if this does happen to you, “run as fast as you can to a busy place and then report it to the police.”

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