Welsh Government announces two households can form a bubble when lockdown ends

An announcement today reveals the new rules for non-essential businesses and travel within Wales

In an announcement today, the Welsh Government has revealed that it will be possible for two households in Wales to come together and form a bubble following the fire-break lockdown.

Welsh First Minister, Mark Drakeford, has further confirmed that the fire-break lockdown will not be extended beyond 9th of November.

The 17 day lockdown that began on the 23rd of October shut all non-essential business, pubs, cafes, restaurants and bars. The First Minister has confirmed that all these businesses will reopen after the 9th of November and new arrangements will be made to meet indoors.

He also added that schools and places of worship will reopen, and local authority services will resume as normal.

The previous guidelines which restricted contact between members of the same house, will be lifted from Monday 9th November. However, it has been made clear that the maximum number to form a bubble is two households.

In addition to the new household bubbles, the Government has announced that free travel within Wales is to be restored. However, under the light of the recent lockdown in England, any travel outside Wales will not be permitted and commuters across the border will be required to provide a reasonable excuse to travel.

Although new relaxations are in place, the government has advised everyone to work from home if possible.

“Our plans – and our discussions – have had to adapt to the unexpected announcement by the Prime Minister that England will start a month-long lockdown on Thursday” said Mr. Drakeford.

With a reminder that Wales is currently halfway through the fire-break lockdown, Mr. Drakeford said, “I want to thank you for everything you have done so far. Together we are keeping Wales safe.”

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