We’ve rounded up Cardiff’s best Halloween costumes of 2020

still, nothing’s scarier than 2020 itself

Halloween has been and gone which means its time for us to pull together Cardiff’s best halloween outfits. Although we couldn’t spend this Halloween throwing up VKs in the SU toilets or dropping cheesy chips down our devil’s outfits on the way home, you guys definitely did not disappoint on the costumes front! So here they are…

The classic cops and robbers

Kicking things off we have this absolute classic. Orange is the New Black eat your heart out. We just hope the police aren’t there to arrest you for breaking lockdown rules.

 Dressing Disney

Loads of you went down the Disney route this year and honestly, we’re here for it.

Have you ever seen a cuter set of spooky princesses? No? We didn’t think so. And doesn’t everyone wish they could pull off red vinyl as well as miss Jessica Rabbit in the middle? Absolutely iconic.

Who can forget the original baddie, Cruella de Vil? Her name is literally devil, you can’t get any spookier than that and the wig? Name a more badass hairstyle, we’ll wait. As long as the coat isn’t real Dalmatian we are 100% here for this one. A definite winner.

But if you prefer to play the good guy you can’t go wrong with this super cute Woody outfit. Vandalizing your boots is definitely worth it if you achieve this outcome. Extra points if you’ve got a pal willing to whack on a pair of cardboard wings and a helmet to complete the look.

You’re a bunch of clowns

Admit it, we’ve all been scared of clowns since those weird birthday parties at the age of five. They have always been and will ALWAYS be scary. End of.

Honestly, this one terrified us. Is there anything freakier than Pennywise? We’re living for the dedication, don’t get us wrong. And the outfit? A definite 10. But if we saw you in a dark alley we’d probably run the other way.

And what’s freakier than a killer clown? A killer clown with a knife! We’re obsessed with the make up on this one and honestly if there’s ever a time to terrify people, Halloween is the time to do it.

Men With Money

Maybe even scarier than killer clowns though is Hugh Hefner in all his glory. The cost of the robe alone is enough to terrify our student bank accounts.

Macklemore, is that you? We’ve got one word for this one: GLORIOUS. This one would be great for the cold SU walk, that is if we actually got to do it this year.

Apparently nurses are scary this year

You can’t go wrong with this one! The question is are you dressed as an NHS hero or a terrifying killer nurse? Maybe we won’t know until it’s too late…

Witch, ur brooming scary

And finally we have this adorable witches outfit. You can’t go wrong with the pointy hat and hey, if you’ve got a broom or a black cat then extra spooky points all round!

And so, there we have it: Cardiff’s best dressed this Halloween. Now all that’s left to do is pray that we’ll be allowed to go outside to celebrate next year.

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