Here we have it: the grossest food by Cardiff Uni students

We hope you’ve got a strong stomach

We’ve all lived with other students, and it’s likely you’ve lived with that one person who just hasn’t quite grasped the skill of cooking just yet. The amount of strange food combinations those Taly kitchens have seen is sickening tbh, I don’t know how the cleaners do it. We asked Cardiff students for their grossest food submissions, and here’s what we found…

Sorry, toilet rice?

Fortunately, our first entry comes without any photographic evidence, but we’ve been told that “Toilet Rice” is exactly what it sounds like: rice that was used to save a phone that had been dropped into a toilet, and then later used the same evening in a Risotto. Ew. Yes, we’ve all been there – there’s nothing like the old ‘stick your damp phone in rice’ trick, but using the same rice in your dinner is perhaps a step over the mark. Call it resourceful, but it’s still gross.

Forget vodka, I’m shotting egg…

Speaking of resourceful…this may not look gross at first glance, but the egg was undercooked, the tomato soup was cold, and apparently it was so grim that it warranted a delivery from Maccies immediately after. We know you’re missing Jager shots at Livey’s, but there’s no need to sacrifice your shot glass like this.

An insult to Italy

Imagine the scene: You’ve had a long and hard day at your work placement, and you’re looking forward to nothing more than a hearty meal when you get home. Instead, your flatmate faces you with this. Ever heard of a grater?  Pasta Bolognese with sweetcorn and a side of onion rings, you know, seen on menu’s worldwide?

Swapped the sourdough for pizza dough?

Honestly, this is an insult to Fiat 500 girls and their avo-sourdough. How dare you? 6/10 for creativity and attempt and healthy eating, but come on. This is criminal. You could’ve at least melted the cheese.

A meat lover’s dream

It’s literally just sausages and Black Pudding with barbecue sauce? Brown sauce? Drizzled all over it! First of all, who drizzles sauce and doesn’t make a little dollop on the side? Gross. Also, Sausages and Black Pudding? This is every vegan’s nightmare.

Carbs all day every day

This one gives me either “there’s nothing left in the cupboards and I haven’t been shopping yet” or “I’m hungover and I’ve had online lectures all day and I can’t be bothered to cook” vibes. Toast, quavers, and, is that potato salad? Did you lose your taste and smell during covid? All washed down with a cold one by the looks of it. Well, at least they did one thing right.

Beef stew or beef ew?

This beef stew is particularly unspeakable. The pitiful addition of sprouts and sweetcorn as an attempt to make this look more appetising really just makes it worse. Our stomachs turn at the sight of it. Imagine being presented with this bad boy? I’ll take the ice cream in the back thanks.

We all love cheese, but on rice??

We’ve seen many a TikTok on how to make easy student meals, but none have looked quite like this. We’re all for experimenting whilst cooking but this one takes the biscuit. As delicious as it is, cheese really doesn’t belong on everything people.

We’re all feeling a bit better with our home cooking after seeing these kitchen nightmares. In the words of Gordan Ramsey, you idiot sandwich. If your uni cooking is anything like these abysmal examples, please ask Santa for a cook book at Christmas. We beg.

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