Extinction Rebellion stage week long Welsh ‘take over’

Following a brief hiatus due to COVID, the climate activists have returned in force.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) is currently undertaking a ten day ‘regional rebellion’; staging protests across cities in the UK. Cardiff will be one of the primary locations for these demonstrations, with a proposed week long plan to ‘take over’ the city.

The aim of these protests is to encourage MP’s to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill that has been drafted by the group, alongside Climate, Energy and Ecology Academics as well as the Big Ask campaign. 

According to the group the UK government is ‘failing to take effective action on climate crisis and protect the worst impacted areas of the UK’

Why is Cardiff so popular for these protests?

Cardiff is one of XR’s top priorities, as it has been deemed the 6th most likely city in the World and the 1st in the UK to be impacted by rising sea tides by melting ice caps.

Hugh Thomas, an Extinction Rebellion activist, said: “Cardiff is under threat, so we need to take action now, in a Covid-safe way and urge the public to contact their local MPs to ask them to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill.

Whilst the group acknowledges the Councils plans to build flood defences they believe these fall short of what is needed to fight the terrible flooding seen in the Valleys recently. The group claims we need to halt carbon emissions in order to turn the tide to avoid ecological crisis.

Encouraged by the unity and caring nature shown by people throughout the pandemic, the group hope that people will come together again and tell their MP’s to protect our Capital as ‘no vaccine will fix it’

What about COVID-19?

South Wales Police and the Welsh Government have urged protestors to be vigilant of Coronavirus and XR have said they’re advising attendees to wear facemarks 

What’s happened so far?

On Friday 30th August the protests started in Cardiff with banners being hung across the Capital. Messages across the M4 included those bearing the slogan Rebel am Byth (Rebel Forever).

On Tuesday Morning, campaigners scaled the Office of the Secretary for Wales (The Wales Office) on Pierhead Street in Cardiff Bay. The office is responsible for the overall direction of the UK Government in Wales and commonly referred to as Westminsters voice in Wales. They hung banners demanding action to cut greenhouse gases and draw attention to their demands of MP’s to read and support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill. (You can Join the Campaign or Donate here) 

What do XR have planned over the coming days?

September 2

Between 11am and 4pm rebels will gather at the Senedd.

From 11am there will be expert speakers talking about the climate emergency, and performers keeping the energy alive.

From 1.30pm there will be a drown in (like a die in, but drowning) on the steps of the Senedd, and in Cardiff Bay.

Rebels are asking people who attend to dress up in beach gear, bring goggles, snorkels, seaweed and anything you need for a future where Cardiff is flooded.

September 3

At 11am rebels will march down to Cardiff Central Station, outside the BBC Office, guided by Samba bands.

At 12pm there will be a media show, where XR rebels will be telling the truth about Climate Justice.

This will be followed by a panel show with experts on the Climate Crisis at 1pm.

September 4

On September 4 rebels will be heading to Cardiff Docks at 12pm where there will be an artistic delivery showcasing what the world could look like in the future.

September 5

At 10am the campsite will see a breastfeeding action, followed by a cycle ride at 10.30am.

This will start at Lady Corey Field by Hollybush Pub, cycling down to Whitchurch Common, and then onto City Hall.

At 12pm XR will be joined by a large number of other movements for its Justice March, where the group will march down to the Senedd in solidarity together.

The campsite will be packed up at 3pm.

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