Summer is here and with it, we’ve crowned Cardiff’s BNOC 2020

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After several rounds, and many nominees, we’ve finally discovered who Cardiff’s BNOC actually is. She won by a huge amount so, quite frankly, she must be a legend.

And the winner of Cardiff’s BNOC 2020 is…

Charlotte Towlson, History and Politics, First year.

Instagram: @Chartowlson

Charlotte seemed pleasantly surprised when informed of her win, saying: “Thanks so much, how funny!”

She told The Cardiff Tab: “It makes me feel thrilled to win such a prestigious award. I never thought I had it in me!”

Well, she does, and remember, she’s got a Tik Tok –  (@ctowlson). Surely being Cardiff’s BNOC is enough to help her achieve Tik Tok fame?

She asked us, “Does winning this make me Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette too?” Well, we’ve already had that competition but maybe we’ll see her in next years one!


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