We’ve rounded up your craziest ‘quaran-dreams’

We talk murder, Timothee Chalamet, and pregnancy

The three things that affect our dreams are amount of sleep, lack of stimulation in life, and stress. Stress is definitely something we’re all feeling right now, what with the global pandemic and all. If you’re taking full advantage of your ability to be lazy and are napping 24/7 like us, then you’re probably getting a lot more sleep too…especially without those dreaded 9am’s. As for stimulation, I don’t know about you but Netflix and Disney+ don’t exactly provide much.

We asked for your weirdest dreams and you didn’t disappoint. Those changes to our schedule are clearly wrecking havoc on our minds. From murder to pregnancy, oh and even shit, here’s a list of the most bizarre dreams you’ve been having.

We asked you guys for your weirdest quarandreams, and you definitely delivered. Here’s a breakdown of the oddest ones:

Some of you are definitely murderers

“I dreamt I killed someone and hid their body in the walls of my bedroom and got found years later.”

Another dreamt “that in our new house, there was a small door that lead to a torture room.”

Housing requirements I didn’t know Cathays real estate could meet tbh. It definitely brings a new kind of criteria when house hunting – “I’ll take the house with 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and built in torture room and wall burial system in Roath please!”

Thankfully we don’t have to fear everyone as some students have more fictional targets  like “I dreamt I killed my animal crossing villager with a pool cue.” Must really have good aim.

The rest of you are expecting to be murdered

A few of you have some very particular worries, with one student saying they dreamt they were “strangled in my bed” and another that “the skin fell off of my face.”

One student told us “a man threw a knife at me whilst I was in a hot tub, probably been watching Killing Eve too much lol.” I hope that they had Villanelle’s escape skills.

Another said “I had a dream that a man was trying to stab my sister so I tried to shoot him but my gun wouldn’t work so I just dated him instead?” I dread to think of the awkward family reunions after that.

You snooze you lose

More death and violence

“I had a dream that I cut off my head and my mum tried to take me to the doctors but my sister said no let’s go get pizza so we went for pizza even though my head had come off, typical.” I mean, this is wildly relatable if you have siblings who always seem to get the attention.

Others are a little more baffling, with one student saying they dreamt “that I was going to box Tyson Fury and get my ass handed to me.”

Finally, a student told us about a dream where “my dick fell off.” Interesting.

And the Muppets

“I had a dream that the muppets were trying to kill me. I was in a kitchen with a really high ceiling and loads of cupboards. Fozzie Bear kept slithering out of the cupboard behind me. He has a metal exoskeleton around his ribcage and his eyes were just dead, no light in them. He and Kermit kept moving around behind me through the cupboards and I had to beat them away with an iron pipe”. The detail, wow! I will be having nightmares about this now.

Probably dreaming about a time when he could go for 1+ walk a day

Dreams to be jealous of…

“Me and Timothee Chalamet were escaping these people chasing us with other people and it was around where I lived. I woke up even more in love with him than I was already.”

Another student dreamt that they were “having sex with the medics rugby boys.” Plural?!

Weirdly, eyes are a common feature??

One person said “my eyes turned into lasers and I realised too late so it just kept chopping my body up”, whilst another said “I had a dream that I had a spot on my eyeball which I had to pop and then my eye fell out.” No words for this one tbh.

Oh… And also pregnancy

One student told us “all my housemates (males and females) were pregnant and wanted me to deliver the babies.”

Another said “me and all my friends were pregnant and they we were all walking down the street and they just started giving birth one after another. Then flash 10 years forward and they’ve got these fully grown kids but I’m still pregnant with the one from 10 years ago.”

“I had a child but it was microscopic so I kept losing it in my room. As time went by, I’d forget I had it, so until it cried I wouldn’t try and find it. When I found it, it looked like plastic so I just threw it away again and it just went on and on in a cycle.” Let’s hope they’re not becoming a mother any time soon…

This one’s unexplainable

“My mate played a prank on me and fully covered me in shit.” I’m pretty sure this is worse than murder. This person must’ve woken up in an absolute panic the next morning, heading straight for the shower.

If you ask me, the whole of 2020 has felt like some kind of crazy dream. I’d really love to wake up and be back in the ‘Diff.

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