Cardiff Students can apply for extenuating circumstances following the death of George Floyd

The effects of the recent media storm of prejudicial brutality have been prominent for many students.

The recent video of George Floyd’s death, caused by ex-Minneapolis police officers kneeling on his neck, is widespread across all social media platforms. The effect of the brutality and systemic racism exhibited in this video has caused upset and trauma in some students, and in some cases has understandably affected exam performance.

The effect of these now common videos of black people being brutalised each day has been recognised by the university, therefore leading to this new policy being put in place.

The university has previously spoken out on the murder of George Floyd saying it is a “tragic reminder of the systemic issues and challenges facing society” and further spoke out to highlight the specific support services available for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students in order to “actively support” them during “these challenging times”. However, this is the first time that exam support has been mentioned.

A Cardiff University spokesperson said: “we appreciate and understand the impact and deep emotions this has evoked amongst our students.” They continued with the recognition that “these events may have had an impact on student’s ability to perform to their academic potential”, showing the University’s aim to support those who feel their exam performance was stunted by the videos and the unjust violence they convey.

It appears as though these extenuating circumstances will work in the usual way for students as the Cardiff University spokesperson went on to say “The university has an extenuating circumstances procedure to consider such circumstances. Any student who feels these events has had an adverse impact should submit an application in the usual way.”

Other Russell Group universities, who have put similar systems in place, have addressed their students directly on this matter. For example, the University of Oxford’s vice-Chancellor wrote a letter directly to students.

It is possible that Cardiff will take similar action in the future, with current collaborations taking place with the Student’s Union so as to provide an update to students. But currently no interaction between the university and students exists on this matter.

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