A Trans rights protest took place in Cardiff on Monday

The protest opposed the scrapping of the proposed GRA reforms

A socially distanced protest for trans rights saw over 200 people gather outside Cardiff Castle on Monday afternoon. The protest, organised only the day before, responded to reports that the government are no longer looking to reform the Gender Recognition Act.

Reforms to The Gender Recognition Act would allow trans people to legally self identify as trans or non-binary, away from the requirement of a medical diagnosis to change your birth certificate.

One of the events organisers, Shash commented that, in scrapping the reforms, “the government ignored a consultation which showed over 70% of people were for the reforms.” The protest intended to show that “trans people will not be ignored.”

The protest took place at 12pm on the 15th June, outside of Cardiff castle. A Facebook event called ‘PROTEST FOR TRANS RIGHTS’ helping to coordinate the event was responded to by 335 people.

Stan, who attended Monday’s protest, said that they “couldn’t help but sob” listening to a speaker at the protest discuss their experiences as a trans child which included being “told they should die for being trans and being dragged out of toilets.”

They added: “If my kids grow up to be gay trans or non binary, I don’t want them to go through that. I don’t want them to be bullied for having a non binary parent. The more support we show and the more noise we make means that we can make more of a difference to the lives of those who need help in our community, especially black trans lives with the black lives matter movement happening right now.”

They concluded by noting that the LGBTQ+ community has the rights it does today “because of a black trans woman.” Saying that black trans women now “need help to keep those rights while governments try and take even more away.’

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